Best Semi-Permanent Makeup in Chicago

Best Semi-Permanent Makeup in Chicago

Check out our Chicago Semi-Permanent makeup service that can help nearly every woman look flawless as well as beautiful. Regrettably, not everyone is born natural perfect and flawless. But with a little money, you can attain your dreams in no time because every creation of this world is immensely so perfectly created.

With semi-permeable makeup, you can look beautiful and flawless. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t wear off quickly like the normal makeup, it could stay for up to a year and more; which is so fun!

Semi-Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Semi-permeable makeup is a non-surgical, long lasting makeup, which involves adding pigments into the epidermis; the first layer of the skin by using a unique technique. The makeup will last for more than a year, but it is advised to maintain your cool looks, to color refresh your makeup every 1-3 years. That is why it is called semi-permanent!

The good thing about the makeup is that it looks very natural compared to other bogus ones, that if you don’t tell people, they won’t notice that much compared to your regular makeup.

Below are some top reasons you need to have a semi-permanent makeup

  1. Save you lots of time making up every morning
  2. It will help you look beautiful every minute, hour and day.
  3. It is anti-aging. It will make you look younger every day.
  4. It helps to balance your facial features giving you that perfect girl feature you have always wished to have.

Eyebrow Tattoo

To think that you can have perfect brows is mind blowing! Here is an account of the experience of a client who chose to get her semi-permanent makeup in Chicago at this salon.

Mia’s reviews about microblading for eyebrows is below.

“My brow wasn’t much a problem; I just had to carve it, fill and contour it every morning; it was already a routine.

Then I was researching, and I saw the Chicago Microblading and eyebrow tattoo stuff. It was already all over Instagram, with several videos on YouTube. Talking with friends, I have heard lots of disadvantage submissions about the eyebrow tattoo, but I had to weigh my options, so I decided to go for it.

My first day with Chicago’s Lashes was super cool. I underwent a consultation just to ensure the microblading was perfect for me. It’s imperative to go for a consultation before the makeup procedure so as to check if it’s right for you. Unfortunately, that was when I discovered that if you are pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy, just stick to your natural face as this is not right for you.

After the consultation and it was ensured perfect for me, I was told to go into the studio. It was awkward, but I had this mixed feeling, I was both happy and on the other hand scared. What if all the bad things I heard about the eyebrow tattoos and microblading were real? But I was reassured I was in perfect hands.

The makeup artist was very friendly; she used a waterproof marking pencil to outline my brows and tweezed stray hairs. After that, she started microblading. She used a small hand tool with micro needles at the end to microblade, which she later explained that the micro needles at the end are used to deposit pigments in the epidermis that sounded like fun to me but feels cool at the same time.

This was when I discovered I was just scared for nothing. I thought semi-permanent makeup microblading would be lots of pains, to the extent that I might even cry. Nevertheless to my greatest surprise, I only experienced a little scratching with little discomfort, which is bearable, not like any other tattoos.

On the first session, the artist went over the outline with a mix of high-quality pigment to match my skin color and also my hair color. Here is when I discovered another reason why I shouldn’t get scared. At first, I thought; what if the after the makeup my skin gets way too darker or lighter? But I discovered that microblading artist have a vast knowledge of colors, so they know which color to use for the best result.

On the second session, the artist used an anesthetic cream on me. This was the best part ever! I didn’t feel anything as she was doing her job confidently, not to talk about the fact that I almost fell asleep.

Roughly two and a half hours later, my brows were ready and perfect. Though at first, they looked very sharp and dark. However, the artist kept me at ease that over the weeks they would fade into a natural makeup look.

After I had got the brows done, for the first week to the second, I was advised to wipe the brows with a light layer of Aquaphor and distilled water. I noticed some amount of pigments in the cotton pad, which I thought the makeup was fading off, but I was told that it was a natural part of the healing process.  I also noticed that after the first day, the strokes in the brows faded away; this was super fast, contrary to the negative things I heard about the procedure.

I had to hold my hands most of the times as it was damn itchy. But the tingling faded away with time too. The claim that time is a healer couldn’t be truer; my microblading experience made me a testimony to that.

And this is how I got myself beautiful and lovely eyebrows. I want to recommend it if you care about your eyebrows’ beauty, but make sure you do it at Chicago’s eyelashes. Thank you, Chicago lashes for making me more beautiful, xxx.”

So why Choose this Chicago Eyebrow Salon?

When you chose Chicago Lashes for your semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, rest assure you will be with the best tattoo artist on our team. The therapists are qualified and have been well trained on semi-permanent makeup beauty procedure.

It is not only that, they continually reassessed their therapists to see if they meet your taste. The best part is that they have the tools to successfully give you a perfect eyebrow tattoo and microblading that appears naturl. A nicely applied set of eyelash extensions can boost the effect.

That was Mia’s account of undergoing semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows readily available to Chicago, Skokie, Niles, including Morton Grove, Highland Park and Schaumburg, IL. She captured the feeling of many, who only hear about the brow procedure without experiencing it.

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