How have eyebrow tattoos evolved?

How have eyebrow tattoos evolved?

Eyebrow tattoos are the absolute hottest beauty trend. Let’s face it: we’ve all spent countless hours trying to get the perfect brows. From tweezers to eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder to gel, and even castor oil for better eyebrow growth, women in Chicago, IL have tried it all.

Even with processes as painful and risky as threading, waxing and plucking, unfortunately on some days you just can’t seem to get the eyebrow shape you desire. Who knows the struggle better than women? The days when you receive no “on fleek” compliments from passersby, and when you wish you could stay indoors until your eyebrows look a certain way again. Does all of this sound too close to home? We might have the perfect solution for you.

Why is microblading better than makeup?

Makeup can be tiring and expensive and requires hours to do, but you still can’t be certain of the results. Microblading is a complex, yet effective procedure which can save you from all of this trouble for up to a year. With Chicago microblading, you won’t need to worry about monthly or bimonthly maintenance costs and are freed from the shackles of threading and other painful procedures for a long time. A perfect compliment to semi-permanent brows is the eyelashes extension procedure.

Done with a handheld tool, microblading is the ideal process to semi-permanently recreate the perfect eyebrows. The process itself involves pigment being inserted into the skin by a certified and trained professional. The pigment is then stroked in such a way that it gives the effect of natural eyebrows.

Pretty Brow TattooIs microblading new?

Microblading may be a new procedure in itself but its roots go back several decades. Earlier, whenever someone was not convinced with the way that their eyebrows looked, the most common option which was opted for was eyebrow tattoos. The drawbacks, however, were many. Getting an eyebrow tattoo was a risk of its own and the possibilities of results were intimidating.

More often than not, eyebrow tattoos in the past were just one solid line from start to finish as if drawn using a marker. What followed was even worse. The ink for the tattoos was injected in too deep and people would be left with a hideous line instead of their brows for several months before it even started to fade. When these tattoos of the past did fade, there was usually a blue or black line under the natural brow location which stayed.

Fast forward many eyebrow nightmares and years of technological advancements and now we have microblading as we see it today. Unlike the visibly artificial results of its earlier counterparts, the results of microblading leave you thanking yourself for signing up for the procedure in the first place.

Safety procedures for microblading

Like any types of tattoos, it is always a wise idea to refer to a professional for microblading. Microblading may seem intimidating at first since it isn’t every day that you have a needle being injected in your face. For this very reason, it is essential to make sure that you only get the procedure done by a professional so that you don’t have to have the additional fear of the consequences in case you decide to get the microblading done by an amateur.

A professional will keep in mind all of the safety checks required for microblading beforehand and will be able to deal with any complications due to their experience. The process is essentially painless save for some slight inconvenience you might notice. A professional will ensure that they use a cream to numb the area which will be microbladed. Multiple touch ups of the anesthetic will also be done during the procedure itself in order to minimize pain to the extent possible.

Treatment after Microblading

Just like any other tattoos or even piercings, it is important to take care of microbladed eyebrows. One of the most important things to do is prevent your microbladed area from getting wet for up to a week after the procedure has been performed. This is to ensure that the ink has properly set inside and will not smudge or fade off when in contact with water.

Soon after the microblading has been completed, it is highly likely that people hate your new look and regret their decision instantly. Don’t fret. This only happens because most people do not know what to expect from the microblading procedure.

Initially, since there is so much ink and pigment freshly inserted into such a fragile area, you may notice that your new eyebrows are much darker than you expected. Soon after the microblading procedure is complete, a scab will form on the microbladed eyebrow. This, too, is a part of the process and shouldn’t be worried about.

Forcing the scab off of your skin is the worst thing you could do since it will not only increase the time taken for the microbladed area to heal, but the pigment of your new eyebrows will also be modified as a result, leaving you with unevenly colored eyebrows. The scab will naturally heal within four or five days. During the first week, the pigment will also get much lighter than it initially was which is why it is best to wait at least a week before you decide whether you like the microbladed eyebrows or not.

Can I perform microblading at home?

The simple answer is no. It is essential for you to consult a specialist whenever you are interested in procedures of this sort. Microblading is a complex procedure which should only be done by an experienced professional.

A layperson will not know the technicalities of the procedure and nay not know how to deal with any complications which is why it is always best for the task to be done by a specialized cosmetologist. A professional experienced in the field will also be able to provide you with color suggestions and maintenance tips to ensure that you get the most out of the microblading procedure.


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