Top Eyebrow Tattoo, Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg

Top Eyebrow Tattoo, Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg

A high quality eyebrow tattoo can be one of the most defining features that people will see upon your face. Believe it or not, this facial feature sets your persona and makes your eyes appear flawlessly beautiful. As the field of cosmetics evolves, new methods are devised to give you an appearance that you have always dreamt of and the hottest trend in the industry for enhancing the look of your eyebrows is microblading.

Are you tired of spending hours in front of the mirror penciling your eyebrows for the perfect brows shape or suffer from a medical condition resulting in eyebrow loss? This blog is just for you as we shall explore what the newest scoop on eyebrow tattoo available to Schaumburg, Skokie from Chicago Lashes.

What is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

At one time in the cosmetics industry, eyebrow tattoos were fairly common. But not only were they increasingly painful as it was done with the help of a needle, but the procedure left remains of a fine bluish line below the brow line after a while. Besides, tattoo-drawn eyebrows looked like a solid line. Plus, the procedure required skillful handling, or else the treatment could result in havoc, making one look “artificial”. On the contrary,  Chicago microblading, which is also referred to as 3D eyebrow embroidery sometimes, is a technique that is much more sophisticated and pain free.

Our eyebrow tattoo process utilizes a scalpel type blade for applying organic ink on the eyebrows. The stroke of this instrument is used to draw extremely fine lines to create hyper realistic brows. The lines are drawn along the direction of the real hair of the eyebrows so that the outcome has a realistic look. This is why the technique is called as 3D eyebrow embroidery. The blade embeds the color on the top layer of the outer-skin (the epidermal layer) and the resultant is crisp “micro-lines”.

The Technique is Painless

Before initiating the process, an anesthetic cream is applied to the brows so that it doesn’t hurt while the cosmetologist works with the pigmented blades. However, you will be able to feel as if someone is rubbing the brows but it would not ache. More anesthetic can be applied to create numbness in the area if necessary.

Initially, you may feel that the color of the brows is darker than expected but it is only for a few hours. There is usually a crusty layer formed, which flakes off on its own. You shouldn’t fiddle with the natural flaking procedure or else the pigmentation may get affected. A balm may be applied if you feel tightening of the eyebrows.

Best Eyebrow Tattoo-Chicago, IL

Who Requires Microblading?

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is the ultimate solution for people suffering with problems like alopecia, chemo, trichotillomania and any other hair loss disease that affects the eyebrows. People looking to reconstruct their eyebrows simply because they want a bolder appearance or have naturally-sparse brow hair can also go for the microblading procedure.

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading procedure is already transforming the shape and appearance of the eyebrows of many people. It is an affordable technique that offers long lasting results to the customers. Typically, the effects can last anywhere between 9 and 18 months. Here are some of the benefits of microblading:

  • Conceal the eyebrow hair loss
  • Ameliorate eyebrow hairlines
  • Make new eyebrows
  • Natural and realistic emulation of eyebrows
  • Unlikely to cause allergic reactions

The eyebrow tattoo is executed by skilled and certified cosmeticians. The technique is hypo-allergic and there aren’t any risk factors. The finished look will make your personality brighter. You will require minimalistic touch-ups annually only. It will prove to be cost-effective in the long run as you do not have splurge on expensive makeup. Your precious time on learning shadow methods and implementing them will also be saved. After getting microblading done, you will be able to witness life-changing personal and professional morale boost. Remember that eyelash extensions are always available to enhance the overall look you want to achieve.

Eyebrow Tattoo Services in Chicago, IL

Our microblading appointments are readily available to the Greater Chicago area. The procedure is divided into two sessions. The first session does not take more than four hours at most. We use a cosmetics app to draw a virtual shape of the eyebrow by entering the Golden Mean Ration for maintaining accuracy of results. You can choose the color of the micro-lines.

The tool used for drawing the 3D lines is shaped like a pen fitted with sterile u-shaped blades. As the blades glide over the epidermal skin of the brow area, it leaves behind strokes of pigment to create a semi-permanent and hyper realistic brow lines. Since this technique requires an advanced proficiency level, we make sure that on our premises, microblading is only done by perfectionists.

Since the strokes deposit organic pigment in the skin, not only do they look like real eyebrows, they are also smudge resistant. The results are natural-looking, which is why most people are shifting towards microblading as opposed to tattoos. The tattoo removal process is also increasingly tedious, so an alternate semi-permanent solution like microblading is the ultimate solution for getting luscious brows.

The first session only ensures that our customers are fully satisfied with our service. The second session takes place after a month and we go through the already done strokes if the shape doesn’t look appealing or the pigmentation is not accurate.  We extend our services to all, regardless of gender. The procedure is safe, sterile and it is expected that there will be no allergic reactions to it.

We will keep you updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry and our cosmetologists and beauticians can help you decide what looks perfect on you. Wouldn’t it be idyllic if you do not have to wake up every morning worrying about shaping your eyebrows? So, if you want to avail our services provided by certified beauticians in order to get the perfectly detailed realistic eyebrows, book an appointment with an artist. Our top eyebrow tattoo salon is near Highland Park, Schaumburg, Niles, including Wilmette and Morton Grove, IL.

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