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Ever wondered how celebrities and movie stars get such beautifully long lashes? Here’s the secret: More often than not, these women have undergone the safe and nonsurgical treatment known as eyelash extensions.

And when you think about it, the idea isn’t all that radical.

Throughout history, women around the world have used synthetic hair to enhance beauty with wigs or hair extensions — so why not for eyelashes, too? As early as the 1920s, women started appearing in mail-order catalogs with longer-looking lashes, created through eyelash strips. On the other side of the world, women in Asia were using fascinating methods for taking individual hairs and attaching them to eyelashes. So over time, and through improved technology, it only makes sense that cosmetic companies have created better and better forms of natural-looking, virtually undetectable false eyelash extensions.

Fake Eyelash Strips vs. Extensions


Which is better: fake eyelash strips or extensions? The answer is both. Each one serves a specific purpose and can look beautiful when used properly. I’ve used high-quality eyelash strips for special events and been pleased with the results. But if you’re talking about a seamless, fuller look for your lashes — one that seems totally natural — then you’re going to want a consultation from our Chicago eyelash extensions salon. Since this option exploded out of California a few years ago,everyone from Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey to fashion models in Cosmo are getting extensions. And that’s why when you visit a salon or spa today, you almost always see eyelash extension services available.

Lash Styles and Options

Today’s lash styles include colored lashes, super-long lashes, human lashes or traditional eyelash extensions. In order to determine which option is right for you, a talented artist will consider the shape and length of your natural lashes, then reach into his or her kit of products to find the ones that match your face and personality. Whether you need C-Curls, J-Curls, V-Curls or the amazing W-Curls, we offer eyelash extensions women love.

What to Expect

When you come to our Chicago eyelash extensions salon to schedule an appointment, I’ll take about an hour and a half to consult with you. Some other places do it faster, but I’m more concerned with quality than speed. Most of the leading companies out there in the false eyelashes realm have great products — Lavish Lashes, Xtreme Lashes, Premier-Lash and Nova Lash, for example. But trust me when I say – if your stylist uses low-quality bonding agents, even with the best product, you’re in trouble. This can make all the difference between extensions that last a few weeks and extensions that last a few months.

When you purchase your new lash extensions, I also recommend purchasing a high-quality lash sealer. The scientifically developed enzymes inside the sealer do an amazing job of protecting the extensions while also fusing the bond between natural and synthetic hairs.

If you want perfect eyebrows, ask about our Chicago Microblading services for an amazing eyebrow tattoo.

Written by Jennifer San Juan

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