3 Myths on How to Grow Your Eyelashes Longer

Debunking Ways to Grow Your Eyelashes Longer

The internet is full of downright misinformation on how to grow your eyelashes longer. Eyelashes naturally grow exactly the same as all body hair. The fact that lashes appear above the eyes makes little difference. Why would numerous beauty therapists post rumors about ways to grow lashes quickly? As you might have guessed-to generate revenue.

Our salon regularly applies eyelash extensions for women who desire longer and thicker lashes. While some lash growth tricks work, many simply won’t. Since most trained cosmetologists understand fact from fiction, we thought it might be helpful to share useful information that makes sense. Online lash growth claims seem so real- yet are not backed by real science.

Myth 1: Brushing Eyelashes Promotes Growth.

Several prominent websites tell us that using a comb to brush lashes helps spread natural oils to boost growth. According to CNN, this method is false. The truth is daily brushing to make eyelashes longer has the opposite effect. The strokes cause unwanted friction atop the epidermis, possibly causing cuticle damage. Tools like tiny bore bristles are harsh on skin around the eyes. A mascara wand will nicely curl lashes, as well as point them in the same direction.

Myth 2: Using Vaseline Will Make Your Eyelashes Grow.

This beauty myth doesn’t hold water. How could smearing petroleum jelly over eyelids stimulate eyelashes to grow? Vaseline makes great glossy lashes as the gel reflects light. However, there is literally no evidence whatsoever that substantiates this beauty tip. Several optometrists strongly advise against this practice.

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Myth 3: Natural Oils Make Eyelashes Grow Longer.

While we recognize that many lash serums work well, coconut or castor oil will not make eyelashes grow thicker. The theory is products which moisturize hair can positively affect lashes. Having said this, vitamin E can serve as a protective coat over eyelashes. Sorry, there is no empirical evidence that shows natural oils thickens lashes or makes them grow faster. Talk with your dermatologist about eyelash serum options.

Do you notice your eyelashes falling out?

It is very normal to see a few lashes fall off once in a while. Lash shedding is a perpetual cycle which happens every 60 to 90 days. All human hair regrows at basically the same rate. Certain hormonal imbalances can influence eyelash regeneration. Determining how to grow your eyelashes longer should take into consideration specific hormone medication you may be taking. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that heredity is a major contributing factor.

These days, beauty advice websites discuss home remedies without providing sound research. There are great cosmetic tricks worth trying. DIY eyelashes can be fun, but require being extra careful near your eyes.

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