4 Eyelash Extension Facts You Need to Know

No matter if you like to change your hairstyle weekly or you are the type of person who needs to be almost dragged to the hair salon every once in a while, for a regular cut, you can fall in love with the idea of eyelash extensions. As a matter of fact, many ladies admit that they will choose a mascara or other lash product if they have to limit their cosmetic usage to only one item.

One of the best ways to nail that butterfly look you have always wanted is by getting eyelash extensions. All you need to do is just give us a call and schedule your appointment in one of our locations in Chicago. The experts working at our Chicago lashes salon will help you choose the right extensions for your lashes so that you can look glamorous regardless of the time of day. We will also answer all of your questions and give you advice on how to take proper care of your lashes.

You can learn a few tricks for having perfect eyelashes even without extensions but we guarantee that once you try the magic of lash extensions you will fall in love with them. They feel natural and help you maintain a better look without many efforts. In order to understand eyelash extensions better, it is necessary to know some facts about them.

Eyelash extensions differ from temporary eyelashes

Temporary eyelashes are a solution for a glamorous look just for the day. They are cheaper and you can apply them by yourself but these are all the advantages that you get.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are applied by professional lash technicians in beauty salons. They are hand-glued to your own lashes and can last six to eight weeks if you take proper care for them. You do not have to remove them before you go to bed as you would do with the temporary lashes. In other words, you will wake up as glamorous as you were.

Application of eyelash extensions evolves

There are different techniques for applying eyelash extensions and they evolve with time. The technique that is mostly used involves the application of a single lash extension to your natural lash. You get to choose the length and curve of that extension depending on the desired look. Most recently, the 3D lashing or Volume technique has become popular. It involves the application of several (up to eight) ultra-fine extensions to a single natural lash. Thus, you get a fluffy effect and your lashes look definitely thicker.

Eyelash extensions are custom-made

Note that eyelash extensions are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your lash technician will let you know which type of lash extensions are better for you. The decision is taken based on your desire, your overall look like face oval, hairstyle and the like but also on the condition of your natural lashes. The expert will decide how many extensions you can safely support without damaging your natural lashes.

Once the decision is made, you will have to spend certain time in the chair until the extensions are glued to your eyes. Afterwards, you will need to be extra careful in the following 12 hours not to sweat, cry, wash or otherwise dampen your lashes. Water and moisture can compromise the bonds and cause your extensions to fall quicker.

Eyelash extensions can give you a different look

As there are different types of lash extensions, you can change your look once you decide to renew them. The four basic looks that women usually choose between are:

  • Natural
  • Sexy
  • Cute
  • Glamorous

To achieve each effect, you and your lash specialist need to decide on the length and size of the extensions as well as on the number of lashes to be added. The curl is also of great importance for the overall look you are after.

You can go without eye makeup with eyelash extensions

One of the greatest benefits of eyelash extensions is that you can forget about daily eye makeup as you simply won’t need it. The lash extensions give you the stellar look that you have always wanted without any addition. They replace the need to wear mascara and often also give the feeling that you have eyeliner.

You look gorgeous from the very moment you wake up and after a work-out session without any additional efforts.

These are a few facts that can make you dash to the best Chicago salon to get your lash extensions right now. We would like to warn you, however, that lash extensions can sometimes cause eye irritation especially if it is the first time you are wearing them. In case you feel any itching or experience redness and discomfort in your eye, you need to consult a doctor and take measures. Usually, the problem can be resolved in several days with the proper treatment and you can even get to keep your new lashes.

Make sure to ask your lash specialists about anything that interests you about your new lash extensions. Follow the advice that you are given and you will enjoy your glamorous look much longer.