5 Chicago Grocery Stores to Meet Hot Guys

Chicago Grocery Stores to Meet Mr. Right

Chicago grocery stores serve as a great alternative for meeting hot guys as an alternative to bars. You might be surprised that many attractive men go shopping at Ravenswood, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Logan Square grocery stores. Rather than wasting time with players at nightclubs, why not try something different by meeting new people at the local super market? Remember to get those bedroom eyes looking lashes before heading out. It never hurts to have longer and thicker eyelashes while you’re at it. Here are 5 Chicago Grocery Stores to Meet Hot Guys.

1. Mariano’s Grocery Stores.

Mariano's Grocery Stores

Mariano’s grocery store Ravenswood- is a superb place to meet single guys. Besides being one of the top markets on the north side, the location is loaded with good looking men. The best area to make introductions is the Mariano’s Fresh Market area.  Among the shiny fruit and vegetables are plenty of affluent men with class. The salad bar has several tasty choices, besides greens!  This particular Chicago grocery store gets busy between 4 and 8pm. Since the Ravenswood average income is over $59,000, you will me more likely to meet guys with a decent job, as well as exciting background.

2. Whole Food’s Grocery Stores.

Whole Foods Grocery Stores

Whole Foods Market on Ashland Avenue is situated between Lakeview and Roscoe Village. This particular Chicago area organic foods grocer is an amazing alternative to meeting guys at clubs. During my observations, the men who shop here tend to be physically fit, plus attractive. Perhaps that is because there are so many health clubs, like Xsport fitness close by. The beer department tends to be filled with guys during weekends. So why not say hello when you’re picking up that case of ale? Besides, you can head to Chicago Lashes Salon down the street to look pretty before shopping!

3. Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores.

Trader Joe's Chicago area grocery stores

Meeting hot guys in Chicago away from bars has never been as easy as pushing a cart. When it comes time to talk to handsome men, Trader Joe’s grocery market along Lincoln Avenue is easy on the eyes. Try perusing the deli section, where healthy conscious males tend to grab low-calorie items. Chances are you will meet guys with similar interests since you probably like to eat healthy. What’s great about this Chicago grocery store is the guys who shop here tend to be a variety of ages. The idea is to meet men at places where hard to find items can be purchased. Why not spark up a conversation about apples while walking through the veggies department?  Ultimately, it’s like having a secret hangout.

4. Jewel Grocery Stores.

Jewel Chicago Super Market

The next time you make out that Jewel grocery list, make sure to write down meet guys a top agenda item. Everyone knows that this grocery store chain has multiple windy city chains to buy food. On the other hand, not all women are aware that the stores can be a great spot to pick up men. If you are near the Bucktown/Wicker Park Jewel Osco, you won’t be disappointed. On Saturdays the meat department is saturated with hot men who are off on weekends. The Clyborn and Division area might be a better idea than online dating. Average rent prices around Bucktown cost about $1,100-so there is a good chance to meet an upscale guy.

5. Target Grocery Stores.

Target Store Chicago

While Target store products are quite popular, many branches have phenomenal grocery stores which are perfect to meet guys. Whether you need video games, bathroom accessories or just want to meet gentlemen, the Target Addision Mall Avondale is a good place to start. Super easy parking means that you can spend time talking to great guys while purchasing household essentials. This grocery store boasts two floors, plus an escalator. Visit the wine department any week night to see the sights. Take that selfie along the way. There is certainly much do to in the local area near Chicago Lashes.

Remember Grocery Stores in Chicago can be Fun!