7 Mother's Day Ideas

Have you been thinking aloud “What does Mom want this Mothers Day?” As everyone knows, motherhood is never easy. Since she has probably been there your entire life-maybe it’s time to do something special for mom.  Getting a mothers day present from Chicago Lashes is one way make mom’s day. Thicker and loner lashes with eyelash extensions will definitely be a nice surprise. While traditionally shopping trips, vacations, spas and money are always an option, other fun ways to spend the day also exist.

Here are 7 Mothers Day ideas in Chicago for sons and daughters:

  1. Are you wondering what to buy a mom that has it all? Take her to Crosby’s Kitchen Restaurant near Paulina and Southport in Chicago. With succulent food, as well as good prices, mom might just love this gift best.
  2. Check out one of the city’s many theater productions. The Chicago Reader lists many performing arts that range from hilariously funny to romantic and sad.
  3. Taking Mom to the movies is an affordable gift idea that can be shared together. Whether she wants to see a romantic comedy, action film or just good old drama, visiting the cinema together shows how much you care.
  4. Woodfield Mall Schaumburg is a sure fire way to build memories. An equally good alternative for Mother’s day shopping is Old Orchard Mall in Skokie. Both venues have plenty great stores.
  5.  With weather permitting, Navy Pier, right off Lake Shore Drive has endless attractions, plus will keep everyone happy. Grandma will surely enjoy the sights.
  6. Mother’s Day Dinner can be made from the comfort of home. Since kids usually know mom best, create her a flavorful dish that will warm her heart.
  7. The best gift is always telling mom you love her. Some people may find expressing emotions more difficult than others. Mom needs to understand that you appreciate everything she has done to raise you.

It’s never too late to come up with creative ideas. Remember, life is short and every moment has meaning.