5 Amazing Hacks For Longer Lashes in Chicago From a Studio Pro

Amazing Tips for Lash Extensions in Chicago

Get Amazing results for longer lashes in Chicago with these simple tricks from our makeup studio pro.  Virtually every beauty expert knows that long, thick and sexy eyelash extensions are the hottest fashion trend. From false lashes, to mink lash strips or eyelash growth serums-this article is designed to give some definitive answers on how to achieve the perfect aftereffect. Women want bigger lashes because they can totally extenuate the eyes appearance. Eye makeup routines can surely be time consuming. Who wants to spend countless hours in the morning playing around with tweezers anyway? Now you can get the best falsies possible by simply choosing a method that works for your needs. Here are 5 amazing hacks for longer lashes.

Woman with amazing looking eyelash extensions in Chicago

1. Try Our Chicago Eyelash Extensions Studio

A fairly easy way to have beautiful lashes is to undergo is to get semi-permanent eyelashes applied at your local lash studio in Chicago.  An eyelash technician will look carefully at your eye shape to help you choose a desired look. The procedure can take up to 90 minutes depending on the artists skill level.  The treatment is done by applying one lash at a time onto natural lashes. These days, another method called volume lashes can be used to apply multiple lashes on one single eyelash. The volume technique is in high demand because they yield dramatic transformation. Eye lashes extension appointments require that you relax on a bed with your eyes closed as the beautician does all the work. Using a concentrated lash glue, the faux lashes are gently applied one by one. You can choose to have super long lashes, along with thick lashes which look very natural. Since this style is temporary, it is highly recommended to have them touched up every 3 weeks. This will ensure that your lashes will stay full. There are many reputable lash artists to learn more about this fantastic service. A professional eyelashes salon will usually have color lashes to add pop.

2.  Lash Serums

Since lash extensions are not for everyone, an increasingly trendy way to get amazing looking lashes is through using eyelash growth serums. These are sometimes pharmaceutical grade products that really can stimulate lash growth. You must be patient as results can take several weeks. There are several lash-lengthening brands out there, so it’s important to do research.  Currently, the only FDA regulated product is Lattise. Just like all body hair, your own lashes also have a growth pattern.  It can take 4-8 months for a single natural lash to shed. Lash growth has three distinct phases: active, transition and resting. Lash serum’s generally come with a special applicator.  Be very careful not to get the serum in your eyes or on facial skin. Lash growth serums work by extending the active stage. Another lash growth serum that has received great reviews is RevitaLash.  Although not approved by a government agency, many people report terrific results. You will most likely find these products at a cosmetic store being sold as conditioner treatments. Biotin is an over the counter supplement that is also thought to bring about healthy lashes. Before jumping into any beauty treatment involving chemicals around the eyes, you will want to talk to your doctor Don’t waste money on myths like castor oil or Vaseline as there is no scientific proof it can make your natural lashes grow.

3.  False Eyelash Strips Make an Amazing Difference

Fake lash strips are a popular way to get bold and pretty lashes. They are widely used to get inspire celebrity looks that can appear totally real. Ladies have been wearing them for decades as part of their daily makeup regimen.  Premium quality false eyelash strips can be found at stores like Chicago Lashes, Sephora, Bloomingdales and even Mac Cosmetics on Michigan Ave. You can also buy them on, Amazon but we suggest searching for 100% Real Mink lashes. A draw back to using a strip lash is it needs a strong glue. Putting on mascara first will increase the likelihood the artificial lashes will set correctly.  Before you rush out to purchase a pair, study your own facial features. If you have almond shaped eyes, then the cat eye look might be more suitable.  On the other hand, deep set eyes will benefit from lashes longer in length to create an illusion of fullness. Short lashes should be considered if you have hooded eyes since the crease on the eyelid is not visible.  Strips are a great way to enhance prominent shaped eyes through simply placing the false lash strip on the bottom. Our lash studio in Chicago has several different styles, nicely packaged to wear on any occasion.  Here is some smart advice: roll the lashes with a cotton bud for 30 seconds after you take them out of the box.  This will ensure they keep their shape.

4. High Quality Fiber Mascara

Everyone wants lush, full lashes. Eyelash fibers are the latest lash enhancer because the product can be applied quickly. Fiber mascara is a popular alternative to getting lash extensions due to affordability. Basically, the synthetic fibers stick to lash tips, thus elongating your own natural hairs. First, casually curl your lashes and apply a thick mascara. Slowly put a coat on the upper lash to avoid that dreadful spidery look. The key here is to build volume, so you will want to sweep upward from the base with the fiber mascara wand. Try shopping around to find a fiber brand that works best for you.

Get Longer Lashes with Fiber Mascara5. Be Gentle to Your Natural Lashes

There is a lot you can do to care for the eyelashes you already have. Eating a diet with plenty of vitamins and protein is a good start. To avoid lashes falling out prematurely, try reducing stress in your life.  Too much anxiety releases a chemical called cortisol which can expedite hair loss. A life with chronic depression can cause insomnia.

According to a leading hair loss clinic, sleep deprivation can affect how your hair grows.   Making positive lifestyle changes will help keep your god given eyelashes looking good.  Taking care of your health is a great way to get to just feel better. Having plentiful rest can additionally generate glowing skin.

It’s easier than ever to feature your eyes using makeup for everyone to see. With so many lash- enhancing treatments on the market, experimenting has never been so fun. Read about the latest makeup tricks on Pinterest to see phenomena examples.  Before you try anything too drastic, talk to a dermatologist. Luckily, there are many skin doctors throughout the Windy City.

Chicago Lashes has exclusive eyelash extensions salons near city and suburbs.  We know these amazing suggestions for longer lashes in Chicago, IL from our makeup studio pro will help you to look glamorous. Our incredible salon serves Lakeview, including Skokie North Shore