6 Anti-Aging Skin Tips

The secret fountain of youth is using anti-aging skin tips, as well as care. When we’re young, it is easy to take our skin for granted. Young skin is moist, elastic and contains plenty of fat and collagen to give us that full, blooming complexion. But as the years roll on, we will inevitably lose much of that collagen and fat, leaving our skin looking dry, saggy and hollow. As the elastin levels drop, our skin doesn’t bounce back the way it used to and we start to see fine lines and wrinkles such as the dreaded crow’s feet and frown lines.

But if the celebrities are anything to go by, this doesn’t have to be the future. There are ways of helping our skin retain its youthful luster, and the dermatologists and health and beauty specialists of New York, Beverly Hills and Los Angles know just what they are.

Here are six celebrity “anti-aging skin” tips that any woman can apply to their beauty regime (plus one optional extra for the truly committed). And the sooner you get started the better; many celebrities have wonderful skin because they started looking after it in their twenties or even teens.

1. Don’t Pick the Pimples

Inflammation is the enemy of young skin, and one sure way of prematurely ageing it is to pick at your spots or blemishes. The celebrities run for their dermatologists at the first sign of a pimple or a rash, and you should be equally vigilant. Your pharmacist or GP should be able to recommend an effective treatment for most rashes.

If you are getting lots of pimples, it could be that you are not getting rid of all your make-up, leading to blocked pores. Give your face a thorough wash at the end of every day.

2. Exfoliate to Look Great

Whether you prefer a skin peel (usually a mixture of acid and enzymes), derm-abrasion or a good, old-fashioned scrub, getting rid of dead skin cells will instantly revitalise your skin. Underneath that dull, lifeless exterior is a glimmering, fresh new layer of cells ready to greet the world.

3. Discover the Power of Retinoids

Ironically, many of those with glowing, beautiful skin in their forties struggled with acne in their teens – and discovered retinoids. These Vitamin A derivatives speeds up cell turnover and were the magic ingredient in the prescribed anti-acne treatments of the Seventies. Now, retinoids are available over the counter in products like Renova (tretinoin) cream. Treat yourself to a moisturizing version to keep that skin hydrated.

4. Winning Make-up Tricks

While many of the make-up tricks that work on young skin let us down in our later years, there are a few left that are specifically designed to make the most of older skin. Emphasising your cheeks is one way to draw attention to and accentuate the fullness of your face. If your skin is dry, a light touch with a cream blush is better than powder and make sure you use plenty of moisturiser and – if necessary – a separate eye cream. Another way to look younger is wearing eyelash extensions. Today’s individual lashes can be worn up to 3 months – with easy upkeep.

5. Wear Suncream – Always!

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the celebs, you need to get on top of your sun protection, even in winter. Celebrities are coached to put suncream on 15 minutes before leaving the house and topping up hourly. A broad-spectrum cream is fine, or anything labeled SPF15 or above. Some stars will even wear sunscreen indoors!

6. Anti-Aging Skin Injections

The moderate use of injectables such as Botox and Juvederm are well-known celebrity indulgences, smoothing and plumping up the skin. But at $500 a shot, it might be a luxury too far for mere mortals. Talk to an  Esthetician at our salon about anti-aging skin tips to look longer at Chicago Lashes.