Are Eyelash Extensions Safe for Your Eyes?

Learn Why Eyelash Extensions Are Safe

Eyelash extensions promise fuller, sexier eyes with more volume. However, some women have qualms about the safety of these extensions, enough so that they prefer to stick to mascara, even though it doesn’t produce the same arresting effects. Naturally, if you have never had extensions before, you may have some questions about how the process of applying fake lashes works, what these are made of, how long they last, how real they look, and most importantly, how safe they are.

All of these are completely legitimate concerns. By learning a bit about eyelash extensions, you can decide if they’re right for you and put your mascara tube away. Chicago Lashes, a beauty salon in the area, is a great place to visit for stunning eyes. With artificial lashes, you won’t need to use clumpy mascara anymore.

What Are Fake Lashes Made of?

Trying to still figure out are eyelash extensions safe for your eyes? These lashes can be made of a number of materials, but most of the time it’s mink, synthetic silk, or sable. Mink eyelashes are made from actual mink fur, but the animal is still alive when this happens and doesn’t feel anything. These produce long-lasting, thick eyelashes that look completely natural.

Synthetic silk lashes are actually a little weighty compared to mink or sable extensions. However, they are also useful if you want all eyes on you wherever you go. These have a somewhat harder texture compared to mink lashes, but they still look real.

Lastly, sable eyelashes are the lightest of all extension types. These have a smoother, lighter texture than mink lashes do. Sable lashes are also made from animal fur without harming the animal. If your lashes are already on the sparse side, these are what you need.

How Are Fake Lashes Applied?

These lashes are attached with an adhesive. The technician applies these individually on the top lashes. We normally do not put on bottom eyelashes, unless specifically requested. It takes a few hours to adhere the lashes. Once they are applied, you wear them on a 24/7 basis. They don’t fall off if exposed to water and they won’t melt in the heat.

How Long Do Fake Lashes Last?

At Chicago Lashes, you can expect your mink, synthetic silk, or basic extensions to last you between 6 and 8 weeks. Of course, you can always stop by between that time to get empty spots filled in.

Do Fake Lashes Look More Real?

Lash extensions are designed to look completely realistic so that no one will question whether you got your lashes done. Of course, when you visit Chicago Lashes, you can trust the technicians there to guide you through the process of lash extensions. For example, if you have lighter lashes, your technician will not recommend heavy synthetic silk lashes but rather sable ones instead. This also aids in the realism.

Are semi-permanent eyelash extensions safe?

Yes, overall, fake lashes are indeed safe. The resin used to apply these will never get anywhere near your eyes if you trust the pros at Chicago Lashes to apply your falsies. Your eyes are never open when the lashes are applied anyway, so this prevents anything from getting in your eyes. While allergic reactions to the resin can occur, these are rare and generally won’t cause negative side effects besides skin or eye irritation. Prescription eye drops can clear up an allergic reaction in most cases. Most cosmetologists will help you to learn more about getting lashes done.

All lash extensions training, whether certification or schools, require students pass sanitation qualifications.

The process also doesn’t hurt. Your eyes should not run or tear up at any point, whether as a reaction to the resin or otherwise. Instead, your lash artist should make you feel totally at ease and you should leave feeling completely irresistible.

Consequently, a major reason people hear eyelash extensions are dangerous is because there are women out there with seriously no beauty school training doing them. Generally speaking, you will find tanning salons that do eyelashes that are clearly providing beauty services well beyond their scope of practice. Subsequently, media picks up stories on eyelashes extension jobs gone wrong. That’s why going to only a trusted professional eyelash salon is essential. See eyelash courses to read more.

Nevertheless, getting longer and thicker lashes through the extension process is free from danger when done by people who have actually gone through sanitation training. Seasoned lashes salons understand how to make bigger eyelashes and use wisdom based upon the specific features of each client. At Chicago Lashes, we do your eyes right.