Eyelash Art Art by Karina

Beauty Salon Art needs special consideration when decorating your establishment. The type of artwork chosen will set the mood for both customers as well as employees. Whether you are looking for art for an eyelashes salon, hair salon even tattoo parlor- you absolutely need crafts that will catch attention. Meet Karina Chavez, a solo artist who creates handmade paintings for salons plus individuals.

 Beauty Salon Art Story

Ever since early childhood, Karina had a real knack for making sketches. Armed with pencil and paper, she found joy around drawing interesting objects. Her parents always wanted her to pursue a more traditional career and frowned upon her choice to take graphic design college classes. Like many young students, she dreamed about working at a big company that would make her family proud. During that first year at school, Karina discovered she was pregnant. Despite the obstacles, she desperately tried to complete the graphic design art program. At just 26 months, her water broke while in the classroom. On that very day, September 25, 2010, her son Armando was born. He weighed a mere 1 pound/5 oz.

The next day, the doctors told Karina that her little one was born with a genetic disease called 3MCC. The disorder causes frequent seizures, along with difficulty feeding. Since her child had problems keeping nutrients down, his bones are also brittle. Over the years, her child has had 4 major surgeries. Unfortunately, his illness presents lifelong challenges which are outrageously expensive.

Email Karina to order: bc31019@gmail.com or go to her Instagram here.

Eyelash Art

Karina has worked long hours-overnight as a CNA, just to make enough to survive. Despite life’s hurdles, she never gave up on doing beauty inspired work. Karina makes eyelashes art that includes drawings of women with accentuated long lashes. So many beauty salon owners from across the United States have discovered her eyelash artwork on Facebook.

Eyelashes Art

Eyelash extensions businesses are becoming increasingly more popular across the United States. Owners want their shops to stand out from the rest because the market is so competitive. Why choose a generic poster when you can have eyelashes art at a reasonable price that is custom made to your personality? Imagine being able to order an eyelashes painting of a girl with super long lashes that looks great on any wall. This sophisticated art is fashionable, stylish and will bring pop to any space.

Most lash extension professionals dream about having an interior that shouts glam! Even if you are not in the lashes industry, this eyelashes art is perfect for anyone. The paintings are suitable for a women’s bedroom, college dorm, including hair salons. Separate yourself from everyone else with a one of a kind painting that will surely turn heads.

Many ladies just want a self-portrait that makes them feel good. Feel free to make customizable requests to match your needs.  Chicago Lashes is always happy feature artists from every background.

Use the email on this blog post to make inquires. We hope you enjoyed this info on colorful eyelash art, readily available for salons and anyone.