Bedroom Eyes - Why Men Love Long Lashes

Human beings – and especially women – have mastered the art of communicating with their eyes, and men can’t help but respond. On a good day, her open, friendly gaze can make a man feel relaxed and at ease in her company, but in another moment she can put up the shutters and freeze you out. And then there are the ‘bedroom eyes,’ unmistakable but so hard to define.

What are bedroom eyes?

Bedroom eyes have an almost hypnotic quality; they reach inside you and gently disarm you until you are defenseless against their power. We understand that in that special moment we have been truly ‘seen’, and that undivided attention is an aphrodisiac in itself. Bedroom eyes reveal a certain shyness, but also a sensual self-assuredness and have a subtle weight that can shift from playful curiosity to smoldering passion in an instant.
But how important are the physical characteristics of the eyes? Is there a particular color that presses mens’ buttons more than others? How about eyelashes; do they have a part to play in bedroom eyes?
Talking to men it appears that while any color iris can have the desired effect, dark eyes (e.g brown or deep blue) add to the appeal – as do eyelashes. When men talk informally about bedroom eyes they will often describe ‘thick, long black lashes’ or ‘dark, heavily-lashed eyes.’ So if you are seeking to seduce a man, those long, luscious eye lash extensions you’ve been coveting may be worth investing in after all.

Why are eyelashes important in bedroom eyes?

The romantic might argue that there is no ‘why’, and he or she may be right, but being attracted to long lashes makes evolutionary sense too. Rather than thinking about what thick, curly eyelashes might signify to a mate ask yourself what the opposite means.
Although genetics plays a large part in determining how long our lashes are, there are at least three other reasons which might cause someone to have shorter eyelashes: disease, age and malnutrition. Ciliary madiosis (losing eyelashes) can be a symptom of an autoimmune disorder, which could effect fertility, while ageing causes the lash growth cycle to speed up and the hairs to thin. Finally, we need a balanced diet to provide the protein needed to build eyelashes. If we lack the building blocks for lashes, we won’t be able to grow as many.
In our ancestral past, it could be that those men who were naturally attracted to shorter eyebrows found more partners who were infertile through illness, age or malnutrition. Meanwhile, the men who loved the long lashes ended up with the more fertile women, passing on their preferences through their genes.
But if you are unlucky enough to be lacking in the eyelash department through sheer bad luck, don’t worry! Lash extensions – applied properly by a makeup artist – could be an option if you want to give a special person those irresistible bedroom eyes.