Benefit Cosmetics Outing

Benefit Cosmetics in Chicago on Southport Avenue was the perfect outing for our Lash Girls. We were absolutely ecstatic to learn we won a free party earlier this year at this fun Lakeview beauty bar. Beauty has become more of an industry concept these days, rather than what the term really means. Cosmetics companies now offer vast ranges of products to the end consumer, without individualizing the customer experience. This makeup store has a great approach on the matter, as you will soon discover. So keep on reading and see how you can get beautiful.

Seven team members at Chicago Lashes were treated to free make over services, which included eyebrow waxing as well as lash tinting. The boutique has an amazingly friendly staff, along with high quality skin products.

If you’re looking for things to do in the Lakeview area, Benefit Cosmetics is right near it all. Southport Avenue is a Mecca of local bars, fine dining, theaters, plus beauty salons. The neighborhood is the perfect place to spend a warm day. We stopped by D’agostino’s Pizza Wrigleyville afterwards to cap off the evening. Don’t overlook Crosby’s Kitchen on Chicago’s North Side, to please your tastebuds.

Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Bar Services

The talented makeup artists at Benefit know that beauty is closely bound to symmetry, which is why the first treatment you will receive is to have your eyebrows plucked correctly. Gorgeous, perfectly symmetric eyebrows are the most important thing when it comes to bringing about pretty eyes.  Naturally, this results in you feeling better about yourself as well.

The cosmetic pros will also make sure that you get a custom brow mapping service, so you can finally have the perfectly shaped eyebrows for your features. Each of your key facial features are taken into account, one eye at a time. This is how they determine the ideal eyebrow shape. With so many waxing salons out there, we were pleased that Benefits also offers bikini waxing.

Benefit Beauty Treatments You Deserve.

Now that you have seen how important the eye area is, it is time to understand that the skin here has special necessities. Because it is thinner and more sensitive, signs of fatigue and premature ageing appear faster. Nevertheless, you can reverse the process and enjoy a luminous look by using the It’s Potent eye cream from Benefit Cosmetics on a daily basis.

This super hydrating cream as a brightening effect, erases fine lines and eliminates puffiness altogether. Benefit Cosmetics in Chicago on Southport Ave recommends that you use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after cleansing. If you find yourself getting eye lash extensions at Chicago Lashes, head on over to Benefit for a bevy of makeover essentials.