Best Eyelash Extension Course

We here at Chicago Lashes are offering the best eyelash extension course anywhere. Our professional makeup artists are excited to teach our clients, fellow stylists and other new faces how to apply eyelash extensions the correct way. By the end of our certified eyelash extension classes, you will be able to put eyelash extensions on yourself or your friends just as good as the professionals do. What’s best is this eyelashes course is taught by licensed lash technicians.

Eyelash Extension Courses to Learn the Trade

Eyelash Extensions Training at Chicago Lashes

Most of our students are brand new or very inexperienced applying eyelash extensions. Even those that have done it before usually have limited experience. Often times, the students that we get that do have a lot of experience will come in to find that they have been applying their eyelash extensions incorrectly. By the end of the course, you will have experience doing it the right way and can officially call yourself an expert.

Small Classes to Learn Eyelashes

When you start the eyelashes class, you will first spend time meeting with your instructor for the day and the students that you will be learning with. We have students of all ages and backgrounds taking our course. We promote a fun learning environment and it is not uncommon for each of our students to finish the day with a few new friends on top of the valuable skills that they have gained throughout the day.

Eyelash Extension Course with Theory

In this phase of the eyelash extension course, we will cover everything there is to know about running your new business. We will cover the process and the products that are involved. It is recommended that you bring a notebook to take notes for this part. You will learn a lot that you may not have known about eyelashes and applying extensions. Throughout the lesson, we will be able to answer and questions that you may have and make sure everything has been explained clearly and understood by all.

Eyelash Demonstrations

After the lash extensions lessons ar complete, one of our professional stylists will give a demonstration of how to apply eyelash extensions the correct way to the class. They will introduce and explain each step as they do it. You will be able to watch as they take you through the process from start to finish. Pay attention to this because it will be your turn next! Did we mention our eyelash extension course if very affordable? According to Vouge Magazine, fake eyelashes is a must have. 

Why not Gain Eyelash Extension Hands on Experience?

Once the demonstration is complete, it will be time to try it yourself. You and a partner will take turns applying eyelash extensions on each other. You will also have the option of doing it on yourself. By working with a partner, you will gain valuable experience on what it’s like to be on the client’s point of view. Our eyelash extension course is meant to give you confidence. We feel this is important for everyone to experience in order to understand all aspects of the process. The training location is close to nearby areas, including Skokie, Northbrook. Schaumburg, Palatine and Chicago, IL. 

We Hope to See You. 

We hope that by the end of our course, you will have gained valuable lash extension training that you can use on yourself and others. Whether it is for the benefit of your career or for your own personal reasons; we are confident that you will be happy that you decided to take our best eyelash extension course in Chicago with us.

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