Best Eyelash Extensions Wilmette IL

Eyelash Extensions in Wilmette, IL

When you want the best eyelash extensions in Wilmette, IL look no further than Chicago Lashes newest salon across from Old Orchard Mall. Show off your professional eyelash extensions with confidence knowing your long eyelashes were applied by the top North suburbs technicians. Now, ladies can virtually eliminate time putting on mascara with eyelashes that are easy to maintain. Why not bring about darker and thicker lashes through extensions that will impress everyone?

Why Wilmette Area Eyelash Extensions?

Wilmette, IL 60091 is a fascinating Village, just a quick commute from the city. Clients near the North Shore will find getting eyelash extension a cinch. Since Wilmette is so close to Skokie, IL- making an appointment to get lash extensions is as easy as scheduling online at Chicago Lashes. The eyelashes extension procedure is a popular method to create longer and thicker eyelashes. Our lash ladies have been featured on several national television shows, including Fox News, as well as Dr. Phil. Having said this, women desiring eyelash extensions in Wilmette who want to avoid driving to the city can get their lashes professionally done.

Wilmette, IL is surely a unique village that’s home to the famous landmark Bahai Temple. An interesting fact is the town was originally named Ouellette after a married couple first put down steaks. Over time, the city’s name morphed into what it is today. Since 1924, the municipality has grown exponentially, attracting visitors throughout Illinois to its picturesque views. Although we know you want information on durable eyelashes, it never hurts to throw out a few fun factoids.

Did you know Wilmette is home to three breath taking beaches along Lake Michigan? Artificial eyelash extensions can be worn while swimming because it’s okay to get them wet. A medical grade, safe lash glue that does not include formaldehyde is used to extend the lashes longevity. There are numerous eyelash extensions before and after photos on this website. Make sure to see the eyelash extensions reviews too. Among the leading reasons to check out our eyelash salon is we neighbor world class shopping stores. Plaza Del Lago isn’t that far away, plus Old Orchard Mall is a 1.9 mile convenient trip. You could smoothly plan a whole day to pamper yourself.

Chicago Lashes offers eyelash extensions near the following Wilmette vicinity hotels at our salon:

  • Double Tree
  • Comfort Inn North Shore
  • Renaissance Inn Skokie
  •  and Sheridan Northbrook.

Who is Chicago Lashes

Chicago Lashes Near North Shore Wilmette

Chicago Lashes Salon is an exclusive professional eyelash extensions service which custom-tailors eye lashes for women who want long eyelashes. Contrary to fake eyelashes purchased at stores, individual eye lash extensions are achieved by carefully putting on specific lashes one by one. Each lash lady holds a board certified license to provide these very special beauty enhancement services. Whether you want natural looking eyelash extensions, dramatic eyelash extensions or double eyelashes, Chicago Lashes help your eyes look great. Above all else, our main goal is to provide women with the ultimate lash enhancement experience. Prior to your appointment, a specialists goes over the look you want to achieve. Sometimes, we show celebrity eyelashes photos to give consumers fun options.

Increasingly, the Kim K Look bombshell eyelash extensions are among the most requested. But, we encourage patrons to pick any lash style they crave. Add a little pop to your eyes with designer eyelashes or rhinestone lashes. Little gem like studs are gently attached to the eyelashes, making them shimmer under light. Big name movie stars love wearing enhanced eyelashes due to the phenomenal results. Take a peak upon top fashion magazines to find models sporting eyelash extensions that are virtually invisible. The craze has spread nationwide to a point where they are a must-have necessity.

Wilmette Lash Extensions

Chicago Lashes wanted Wilmette Eyelash Extensions to be easily accessible at adjacent suburbs. Consequently are widely known cosmetic services are a snappy car ride to communities like Deerfield, Winnetka, plus Evanston. Utilizing the Eden’s expressway or many public transportation routes enables clientele that yearn to elongate eyelashes as simple as picking up the phone. The owner is an experienced cosmetologist and certified makeup artist who has a lash passion.  Unlike some snooty places, we form long lasting relationships with customers.  Eyelash extension treatments can take up to two hours, which provides the perfect opportunity to relax. Right before your lash extensions booking, enjoy complimentary gourmet coffee and fresh snacks within the lobby area. Free WIFI internet is additionally available. Phone 224-817-4940.

We hope when you consider eyelash extensions in Wilmette that Chicago Lashes is the best option.