Buy Mink Eyelashes Online

These days, women can buy mink eyelashes online with the click of a button. Eyes are often regarded as the most attractive facial feature and one that people will notice about you first. While getting your eyebrows styled and expertly applying eyeliner or eye shadow can really wake up your eyes, so too can a sexy, full set of eyelashes. If your lashes aren’t quite up to par, you don’t have to keep spending lots of time and money applying volumizing mascara every single day. Why not consider a longer-lasting solution like 100% real mink eyelashes?

Naturally if you are looking for individual eyelash extensions in Chicago, you can always schedule an appointment at our speciality lash salon.

Mink Lash Extensions Cleopatra

Why Buy Mink Eyelashes?

Nothing is more unfortunate than those cheap stick-on eyelashes that look extraordinarily fake. Even some brands of mascara are clumpy and runny after a few hours. With mink eyelashes, you can be confident that your lashes look natural. Sourced from leftover mink fur that naturally falls right off the animal (no animals are ever harmed), these lashes have a realistic texture and appearance. You can now have lengthier lashes that are sexy, full, and easy to use.

Are These Fake Lashes Safe?

Unless you have an allergy to mink or related animals, these lashes are a perfectly safe and glamorous way to have all eyes on you. The eyelash kit includes a duo adhesive glue, which you do need to use carefully to avoid getting it on the skin or in your eyes.

How Are Mink Lashes Applied?

While you can normally visit Chicago Lashes in Illinois to get these false eyelashes applied, if you’re too far from the Windy City, you can still have the hot lashes of your dreams. You can actually buy false eyelashes online right from Chicago Eyelashes. The Cleopatra set is a big seller, and there are other mink eyelash kits you can choose from as well for various lash lengths and fullness.

These black lashes are applied like any other false sets you may have tried in the past. Simply apply the duo adhesive glue to the edges of the mink lashes, position these over your real lashes, and allow the adhesive to dry for a few minutes. Unlike other false sets you’ve used, these lashes are worth the price since you can reuse them again and again. Our boutique is the leader for eyelash extensions in Chicago, as well as the Midwest.

How Long Do These Lashes Last?

Once you apply the mink lash kit, you can feel assured that these will stay put all day. The durable adhesive is made to last. The lashes will only come off when you’re ready for them to. Just wash your face with a wet washcloth and the adhesive will dissolve. Rinse the false eyelashes to free them of any leftover glue and you can use them again tomorrow or whenever you want. Check out our eyelash extension training classes while on this site.

Why Choose Real Mink Lashes?

As mentioned, those cheap drug store alternative lashes often look very obviously fake. They’re typically made of synthetic materials that don’t accurately mimic the appearance and length of real eyelashes. When you buy false eyelashes online from Chicago Lashes, the quality of these is much better. Whether you’re going in for a job interview or a first date, no one will second-guess that your lashes aren’t yours when you wear a real mink eyelash kit.

How Do You Order Your Mink Eyelashes online?

Ordering a mink lash extensions kit from Chicago Eyelashes is easy. Simply choose the kit you want, select your quantity, and add the item to the cart. You can then log in or register an account and proceed to checkout, entering your credit card information and your address. It’s that simple.

Next time you want eyes that pop, throw away the cheap mascara wands and put down the falsies. Real mink lashes from Chicago Eyelashes look natural and far sexier, and these are still totally affordable. What are you waiting for? Buy Mink Eyelashes online today.