Can Eyelash Extensions Harm your Natural Lashes?

Waking up with a celebrity look is not always possible for the majority of people out there who live a dynamic, sometimes stressful lifestyle and regularly fight losing battles with time. In order to get that desired visual representation of ourselves, there is a certain amount of time and energy that should be invested, to say the minimum. Especially for those who have regular morning make up routines, you will most likely know what we mean.

As enjoyable as playing around with different makeup gadgets, products, and accessories may be, there may not always be enough time to get the look that we are after. Thankfully, the problem can easily be solved via a modern and trendy beauty procedure – eyelash extensions. But what are they and can they harm the natural lashes underneath?

Eyelash extensions for ultimate beauty

Eyelash extensions are a perfect choice for those wanting to look amazing with no effort whatsoever. Unlike the false lashes that can be purchased from any beauty store, eyelash extensions offer a whole new level of beauty. The lashes are carefully glued on top of the natural lashes hair by hair. The procedure is certainly not simple and is completed by a professional beauty expert or eyelash artist. Eyelash extensions can be a perfect fit thanks to their customizable nature, making them suitable for every face.

For instance, if you live a more luxurious and celebrity lifestyle, chances are that you will be after high-volume, thick and full-looking lashes. Eyelash extensions are an especially comfortable alternative for artists from different fields, who often have to entertain an audience from a stage, where strong makeup is essential. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a blossoming look at the office or simply feel glamorous without an occasion, maybe you will prefer a gentle boost of volume and length.

Eyelash extensions can last up to three weeks if taken care of properly and do require special care and regular treatment in order to look their best. As popular as they have become, eyelash extensions have spurred controversy regarding their risks or potential threats to the eyes or the natural lashes. Let’s analyze whether they can be damaging to our natural beauty.

Are eyelash extensions safe?

Having in mind that eyelash extensions are there to stay for weeks, it is natural that questions regarding their safety arise. Unlike the falsies that we can glue on for a party and take off before going to bed, with professional eyelash extensions we don’t have such options.

It is essential to choose carefully when selecting a beauty salon for your eyelash extension procedure to ensure that the service will be of high quality and exceptional hygiene. If applied properly, eyelash extensions cause no harm to your natural lashes. However, sometimes choosing the wrong eyelash material can cause slight infections while the eyes are adapting to the new synthetics.

Furthermore, if the length or volume of the lashes is too heavy for your eyes, this may result in potential negative side effects once you have the eyelash extensions removed. For instance, some customers reveal that when taking the lashes off, their natural hairs appeared shorter and more vulnerable than before. This is normal to some extent as the growth cycle of the natural lashes is affected by the extensions glued on top. However, this should not be a point of concern as the natural lashes will once again blossom if you take regular breaks from eyelash extensions.

If your chosen professional is truly an expert, chances are that they will have a conversation with you regarding the required care for your lashes to keep them safe and healthy while wearing eyelash extensions. They will also be able to make valuable suggestions for every detail of the eyelash extensions, such as a suitable length, style, or volume, which will fit with your personal skin type, eye shape, and more. After all, what makes eyelash extensions so special is that they can enhance the beauty that is already there.

Taking care of your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions require special attention, which is important if you want your natural lashes beneath to remain healthy. Imagine that the extensions and your natural lashes function as one – taking care of one will make the other one stronger as well.

Using a special eyelash comb or an eyebrow comb, gently brush the extensions from the bottom, where the glue has been applied, towards the top. This will ensure that the separate hairs remain in place and are not tangled with other hairs from the extensions or our natural lashes. Hair tangles can cause serious problems such as infections, hair separations, and can certainly be uncomfortable. In addition, schedule regular visits to the beauty salon to keep an eye on your natural lashes and the extensions. If necessary, you can apply oils or serums, which can boost the growth and health of your natural lashes while you maintain your glamour with the eyelash extensions.

There is a whole set of instructions for taking care of your eyelash extensions, especially during the summer season. Developing a regular habit of regular care will only take up about 5 minutes of your day but will leave a lasting, positive effect. The idea of waking up looking like a celebrity is exciting, tempting, and worth the try. Give your natural beauty a boost with eyelash extensions and remember to take care of your natural lashes in the meantime.