Say No to Cheap Eyelashes


Eyelashes are in vogue, they have become more popular in recent times. When applied correctly they can look very beautiful helping you stand out and get noticed. Eyelashes are very delicate and require care and extra time to apply and care for them. For all intents and purposes, stay away from buying those cheap eye lashes sold at drug stores, some have poor quality and have problems when not applied correctly. They can cause unnecessary distractions for you particularly on longer dancing outings such as Prom Night engagements involving extended dancing and sweating. This article will help you learn more about better ways to get your eyelashes done.

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One of the uses of eyelashes is to accent your lash line, helping to create an impression of longer, healthier, fuller and darker eyelashes. These goals are harder to accomplish by simply running to a drug store and picking a cheap eyelash for self application. One of the problems of cheaper eyelashes sold at some drugstores is that some of the brands don’t blend very well with your natural eyelashes and colors.

To apply and manage your eyelash well, you will need to spend some extra time if you want to do this correctly. Forget cheap ‘do it yourself eyelashes’ if you don’t have enough time to take care of them. They generally need sanitization with cotton swabs and alcohol and some people apply olive oil to soak them first for proper clean up to avoid eye irritations and possible contaminators. The problem is who has time for that in today’s time sensitive world.

Removing Your Eye lashes could be tricky

If you are using the cheap drug store eye lashes, you could have some tough time and experience trying to remove them. The cheaper brands of eyelashes could pose challenges getting them on and off your eye lids. There have been instances where some people poked themselves in their eyes, causes damages to their eyes, trying to remove these fake brands purchased at drug stores. Use of instruments such as tweezers and other tools, are not recommended. Use of your nails or eyelash curlers are not ideal for removing fake eye lashes from your eyes, experts suggest that you only use the pads of your hands to remove them. Why put yourself through this when professional help is available for you through your Beauty Salon.

Professional Salon help is the best option for you.

There are better ways of getting your eyelashes done professionally through beauty salon experts who know all the ways to get you the particular look you deserve through selecting the best looking eye lashes for you. Each person is different in color composition and buying generic eye lashes from the drug store may not give you that individual touch that you will get from professionals. Salons and Beauty parlors know how to pamper their clients, and use great color coordination skills to get you the perfect eyes for your occasion.

Their professionally preferred method in creating sensational looking eyes and lashes involves the process of individually applying suitable eye extensions. These extensions are meticulously attached to your natural eyelashes to suit your personal needs and preference. Their chosen eye extensions naturally match your original eye lashes for that perfect and natural look designed just for you.