False Eyelashes-Why Chicago Women Love Lash Extensions

The luxury and appearance of high quality lash extensions is a Chicago Lashes specialty. Our professional makeup artists are experts at lash extension application. When in Chicago, here are the five top reasons to make an appointment for lash extension application:

The ‘5’ Top Reasons for Eyelash Extensions

1. Why Lash Extensions?

Anyone stepping foot on the sidewalks of the city for the first time will notice a dedication to style. Whether looking for a new job, or a new man, the odds are that you will probably not succeed in your mission without attention to every beauty detail.

Chicago is competitive. Staying ahead of the pack can be difficult without professional salon treatment. Wake up your face, and your social life. Stake your claim with new lash extensions

If you are a newcomer seeking lash extension services in the city, Chicago Lashes is the number one resource for expert application.

Enter Chicago Lashes salon, and walk away with a Wink!

2. Dynamite Diva

Let’s face it. Discerning women acknowledge that one of the best methods of improving the overall presentation of self is through professional makeup application. Lash extensions are a fashion accessory for your face. Lash extensions improves facial presentation with eye optimization. We recently brought on board a talented Chicago Eyebrow Tattoo artist. Perfect brows along with long lashes will put pep in your step.

Chicago divas capitalize on their assets with false eyelashes. A new concept, cultivated by our team at Chicago Lashes. Our lash products are contemporary, refined, and absolutely natural in feel and look.

Celebrities, fashionistas, and mavens alike are enhancing their features with lash extensions. Eyelash extensions make the modern woman.

Get Gorgeous Dream Face!

3. Mink Haute, Silk Doll

Semi-permanent lash extensions are the talk of the town. Our trained technicians are experts at application of high-quality mink, silk or special fiber lashes. Once complete, these top Lash extensions can be worn for up to ten weeks, non-stop.

Chicago Lashes has a reputation for  precision in lash extension application. Get a celebrity look without compromising your wallet.

Dance the night away, and fall fast asleep without removing your makeup. Mink lash extensions and silk lash extensions are pure diva. Fancy and flexible, lash extensions increase the volume of your eye. Individual Lash extensions fit over real eyelashes on the tip of a lid.

Elect mink haute, or silk doll. Chicago Lashes top them all!

4. Knock’ em Dead

If you want to control the room, the choice is up to you. Drop dead gorgeous appearance is a rule, not an option. Whether primping for a party, or that special day at the altar, individual extensions by Chicago Lashes are personality design in a lash. The stunning appearance afforded in lash extensions has made them an indispensable element of any woman’s beauty regime.

Chicago Lashes knock’em dead!

5. Lash Extensions Drive Guys Crazy

One of the best kept secrets in Chicago, our salon offers clients a full-service beauty menu and lash lounge. Take advantage of our lash extension packages and specials. Experience the benefits of professional salon treatment. Make an appointment to add amazing lash extensions to your beauty repertoire. Stand out in ultra-soft, high powered, lash extensions.

Be the star of the party! Join Chicago Lashes Elite and get long lasting false eyelashes.