Does Vaseline Help Eyelashes Grow

Vaseline has been the next big thing for nearly 150 years. With so many eyelash growth serum reviews online as well as lash conditioners, we were also curious about this trusted petroleum jelly. Cosmetologists know the famous clear gel is an awesome versatile miracle cream – because it can be used to do many things. But can Vaseline help eyelashes grow longer and thicker?

How to Use Vaseline on Eyelashes

Want to add a little glimmer to your eyes? Vaseline Eyelashes is a look produced when light reflects off the lashes. Dabble a tiny bit on the lash tips to bring about a luminous effect.  We do not advise ladies wearing eyelash extensions to use this practice. The last thing you want is your eyelashes falling out do to slippage. Semi-permanent lash extensions can be shined-up with a high quality lash sealant.  Real human eyelashes grow similarly to all body hair. Biologically speaking, lash growth and shedding happens during a continuous cycle. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is said to make eyelashes grow longer. Yet, there is simply no credible research which cites this claim, aside from opinions.

Makeup artists frequently use Vaseline to remove lash glue. Since the product is gentle around eyelids, it can safely peel away artificial eyelashes. Individual eyelash extension removal requires different remedies. You have to be really careful when taking off fake eyelashes as several adhesives can cause an allergic reaction. Some women swear Vaseline is the best dry skin remedy since it virtually locks moisture under the epidermis. Acne prone women may avoid this practice since the thick substance clogs pores.

What Else is Vaseline used For?

Fashion divas know smearing a little over lobes makes putting on earrings a cinch. Why hassle with trying to force those studs into tiny holes when the ointment quickens the process? Probably the best known usage is as a moisturizer. Generously spread it across the face, elbows and knees to get long lasting smooth skin.

Vaseline lips are an expression used to combat super hot days or cold weather.  In cities like Chicago, winter sucks moisture from the air, causing constant chaffing.  Wiping a tad amount atop your kissers quickly fixes the problem. Albeit nothing beats a relaxing spa treatment, the topical can be mixed with everyday kosher salt to create a natural body scrub. Who hasn’t used Vaseline to tame wild eyebrows? Just a speck can nicely straighten stray brows and evenly shape arches.

DIY eyelashes are popular on You Tube. From Hollywood to Miami, ladies want fuller and thicker lashes. Lash growth products like Latisse have been clinically proven to actually work well. The problem is results don’t always come fast. Fiber mascara is another popular alternative to eyelash extensions. In our opinion unique fiber lash mascara looks clumpy versus eye lash extensions. Professionals that work at salons can always take an eyelash course.

At Chicago Lashes, a salon to get longer eyelashes done, we read try to keep up with the hottest beauty trends.

Whether Vaseline can help eyelashes grow fuller and longer is still debatable. Thousands of people have commented on social media that it makes a huge difference. Still, our salon has yet to see before and after evidence that can verify these claims. If you have been able to grow longer eyelashes by using Vaseline, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. It’s true, I was using it in my early youth after my lashes have been cut, and it helped to grow them back. But honestly I dislike that sticky sensation on my eyelids, and cloudy vision in case if it goes into the eye. So recently I’m using Cherish Lash serum and it also improves the look of my lashes a lot.