Double Eyelashes: What are they?

Double eyelashes is a term that is often used among makeup artists. Women with extra thick lashes are envied by those have not been blessed with long and thick lashes. Double eyelashes is a medical condition which means a genetic mutation caused extra lashes to grow along the eyelid. Each eyelash sprouts out oddly due to a disorder known as distichiasis. Eye diseases such as this makes too many eyelashes grow out of tiny oil-producing glands in the eyelids. Lashes that mutate frequently causes a problem that brings forth double row eyelashes. Eye anatomy literature suggests the condition is hereditary but can often also be a result of the following factors: blepharoconjunctivitis, a chronic swelling of the eyelids.  Wouldn’t we all love to have 2 rows of lashes naturally?

Do Double Eyelashes Damage Eyes?

Regardless if the abnormal lashes grow out naturally or towards the eye’s surface, they need to be removed as they can scratch the cornea plus cause discomfort. Traditional removal techniques prove ineffective as new hairs arise after three weeks. A longer-lasting alternative would be Cryosurgery. A doctor applies extreme cold to the affected areas to destroy the unwanted lashes. See your eye doctor if you experience vision problems. Getting an eyebrow tattoo or microblading can enhance the lash look.

Can Double Lashes be Applied Using Lash Extensions?

Nowadays, the expression double eyelashes is not only used as a referral to a health problem, but as slang for voluminous artificial lash extensions. This extension method involves adding up to six artificial lashes to one eyelash, making the eyelashes look thicker and as-well fuller. While strip lashes can produce unsatisfying results, the method used at Chicago Lashes involves applying several long eyelashes upon your natural lashes.

This way we can ensure you will achieve the full look you desire. Everyone knows the Kim Kardashian eyelashes look can be achieved at salons specializing in the treatment. Elizabeth Taylor Double Eyelashes are famous to this day.

How do Eyelash Extensions differ from Fake Eyelashes?

Whether you decide to get volume eyelash extensions or not, you should keep in mind that you’ll want to set aside 2 hours- so that the lashes can be applied. The results are truly long-lasting and only need few touch-ups now and then. In terms of lash maintenance, very little effort on your behalf is needed. Just keep in mind that before having your lashes done, you need to go through a quick consultation where you’ll be asked about your own preferences (the amount of lashes you prefer) as well as discuss the choices you have. The procedure itself is very relaxing. Many clients tend to sleep through it getting eye lash extensions. So don’t worry about those 2 hours as you’ll wake up to some glamorous, red carpet worthy eyelashes.


Chicago Lashes uses the best professionals to help their cosmetic artists reap the highest level of success. Compared to cheap fake lashes: extensions are considerably better because they last longer and there will be no struggle on your behalf to apply them. So what are you waiting for? Getting false eyelashes has never been so fun. Once you hear what it is all about, you will surely want to have double eyelashes ASAP.