Eyelash Business: How to Start Successfully

Starting an eyelash business takes much more than just knowing how to apply eyelash extensions. Having the skill is certainly important but is only part of the equation.  While many lash extensions training classes teach application basics- they often provide little information on how to take off.  This article will provide you with useful information on how to start an eyelash extensions business based on our many years of experience.

First question to ask: What are my long-term goals?


Your Eyelash Business Plan Should Be Well Researched

Investigate the market in your local area? Is it saturated with salons that do lashes? We suggest not opening an eyelash business that is within a few miles of another lash salon. The basic reason is you want the service to be unique. All too often aspiring business owners open an eyelash business next to another established salon because they are hungry for the income. That’s fine, but think clearly about this scenario.  Why would you want to cut the market share in half? There is a reason you seldom see a Burger King and McDonalds situated directly next to each other. The better option is to open a business in an area that has few competitors.

Driving a little further to work each day is well worth the effort because the return on investment. This concept will also allow you to establish trust within your new chosen community. If you already own a business, then you know what we are talking about. Most important, be considerate of others lash owners working nearby.

Despite the temptation, avoid walking into someone else’s lash salon and asking them 100 questions about how they run their business. It’s a terrible feeling when a competitor stalks your place while pretending to be a customer.  It’s far better to carefully consider ways that will make your business stand out from the rest.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t understand the market. Read magazines about eyelashes and go America’s Beauty Show when it comes to town.

Eyelash Business Info

Pick a Good Eyelash Business Space

An eyelash extensions business does not always need to be a massive salon. In fact, you can find a clean office space and design it with your own taste. The room should be clean, classy, and comfortable enough for your customer to feel welcomed.  Stay away from expensive buildings that will eat up your overhead. Instead, talk to a real estate agent about renting a space that fits your budget. Naturally the neighborhood should be safe. Websites like Craigslist and Back Pages are valuable resources to gauge the market within a specific locality. Establish a good relationship with the landlord.

Make a stipulation in your lease that does not allow another eyelash business to open in the same building. You would be surprised at how many other people will try to ride your success by opening right next door.

If you’re just getting started, having just a couple of beds or reclining chairs is good enough. The room should have sufficient ventilation that the customer isn’t overwhelmed with lash glue fumes. A little natural sunlight is a bonus because it makes everything brighter. Finally, the space should be large enough to fit a desk, register, as well as equipment. Imagine your customers in the room. Is it cozy?

What is Required to Open an Eyelash Business?

Depending upon which state you live, eyelash extensions salons are increasingly regulated. Here are just a few tips:

  1. Check the cosmetology board in your state to check if there are any license requirements. Generally, a cosmetologist or esthetician is okay. But some states may just require a specific certification only.
  2. Find out if your eyelash business needs a salon registration with the state. We know that this can get confusing but it’s better than having the health department barge into your new enterprise.
  3. Research whether the city or town you operate mandates any business licenses. In other words, is your spot properly zoned by the town to provide beauty services?
  4. Every lash business should have general liability insurance. Since you are working very close to the eyes it is paramount to be covered for any problems that may arise. This includes insurance for slip and fall, including any products you sell.
  5. Consider using a good certified public accountant who is experienced working with small business. This can be useful during tax season. The CPA should be able to help you identify any potential write-offs available, along with organizing your books.
eyelash extensions business essentials

Take a Business Course

After you open your eyelash business, consider taking a small business course class at a local college. You certainly don’t need a bachelor’s degree to acquire useable skills.  The idea is you will learn useful knowledge on how to market and advertise your new venture.  This can also include getting involved with your local chamber of commerce. The chamber is a great way to network with other small business owners and appeal to possible new customers.  When other members learn you own an eye lash extensions service, they will naturally be curious and help spread the word.


Choose an Eyelash Extensions Training Class That Includes Marketing

If you are thinking about taking an eyelash extensions course, ask the company if the training includes marketing strategies with the coursework. We all know Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great ways to get seen. On the other hand, there are many things you can do within your business to generate loyal customers. This can include building incentives that your visitors will find appealing. Perhaps you have already take the eyelash extensions certification class? That’s okay, you can always improve your artistry by trying new ones.



Why Open an Eyelash Business?

Here are some reasons to start an eyelash extensions business:

  • False eyelashes services are a great compliment to salon services
  • Ladies love having long lashes
  • Work will be exciting
  • Meeting new and interesting people.

What About Buying into an Eyelash Business Franchise?

There are pros and cons associated with investing into an eyelash extensions franchise. The good part is some brands are well known enough to establish a solid customer base. Another advantage is the franchise will assist you on hitting the ground running with a thoughtful marketing plan. The company will also likely conduct research on the most strategic places to open shop. Having less headaches is always a plus.

The major drawback is it requires spending serious money to buy into their business models.  You’re wondering how much will it cost? We’ve seen fees range anywhere between $300k and $600k just to buy-in.  Since most of us don’t have those resources available, a bank loan will probably be in order. Nevertheless, it’s a major investment that you will need to ponder very carefully. Speak to a lawyer before signing anything and have him/her review the details.

Final Eyelash Business Suggestions

Above all else, remember to make a memorable experience for your customer. While they will love the way you do their lashes, your patrons will likely choose to come back because they feel a genuine connection with you. People instinctively know if your personality is empathetic or phony. Stay away from talking negative about others as this will only project poorly onto your new business. Exude positive energy as much as possible Beauty salons are a well-known gossip holes which isn’t always a good thing.

Greet visitors with a sincere smile and treat them like the most important person in the world. Because the truth is they truly are. The reality is your lashes business will benefit greatly by making customer service the biggest priority. They can go anywhere else to get their false eyelashes done, so you always want to keep this in the forefront.

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