Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Here is some good advice that will help your new lashes last longer and provide you with a few tips on eyelash extensions aftercare. The first 24 hours after having eyelash extensions are extremely important because the specialized adhesive will be bonding with your natural lashes.

Water and Showering

Try staying away from humid environments such as the sauna or steam room at your gym. Even jogging, and working out is ill advised. Use this time to just enjoy some down time at home while your eyelash extensions form a strong marriage with your real lashes.  I would also recommend completely staying out of the swimming pool and shower during this time because warm water and pressure can cause stress on the drying process. Once a day has passed, you can go back to the fun activities you’ve always enjoyed.

Oil Based Products to Avoid

I know every girl loves their makeup and eyeliner, but try to stay away from oil based eye make up, removers and eye creams. If you want to clean areas around the eye, simply grab a fluffy cotton swab and clean the skin around the circumfrence of your extensions and avoid the lash line.

You may be tempted to reach into your mirror and grab an eyelash curler. This is a sure fire way to damage your false eyelashes and natural lashes.  Lash curlers are fine for those who don’t have semi-permanent lashes, but the tool can deform or crack your lashes.

Eyelash extensions are normally super light weight, but for some it will take a little getting used to on the eyelid. This may spontaneously give you the desire to pick and rub your newly attached lashes.  Keep your mind busy if this occurs by finding something to do.  Don’t worry, the sensation will pass.

An amazing benefit to having false eyelash extensions is that you will be using drastically less mascara.  If you choose to wear mascara just apply a tiny bit of water-based mascara to the just the tips.


I would not advise anyone to persistently sleep on their face. As real and as long lasting as eyelash extensions are, pillow friction can cause uneven folds and gaps with false lashes.

Eyelash Sealer

Applying a quality lash sealer after extensions is probably the best advice I can give you for aftercare. You have to remember these lash sealers are specifically made to continually strengthen the adhesive bonding process between your own natural lashes and eyelash extensions. Some sealers have been known to reduce the need for frequent lash refills. Simply apply the coating once a day to fuse the synthetic lash with your own lashes. Lash sealer also goes a long way in preventing hair tangles, while at the same time, bringing about a glossy and shiny effect.  There are many eyelash sealer companies with fantastic deals. You can also usually purchase a tube from your salon or eyelash enhancement specialist.

Get Touch Ups

Whether it’s top lash companies such as: Xtreme Lashes, 3d Lashes or Premier Lashes, all of their stylist’s encourage clients to get a touch up 2 to 2 1/2 weeks after a full application.  Simply put, our natural eyelashes tend to grow from the follicle and shed every 45 – 90 days.  During this natural process, your true eyelashes cycle out.  This is why having eyelash refills, or touch ups is considered to be a fundamental eyelash extensions aftercare. Your touch up appointments with your lash artist will take less time, and cost you a lot less money.

  1. Question: How does this work? Does someone come out to my home and do this and what is the total cost of the initial meeting and application? And then for follow ups how much are they and where do they occur? Please email me and let me know. Thank you.

    • Yes, a professionally trained, and certified eyelash extensions stylist will schedule an appointment with you, and come to whatever location you request and apply your lashes. All you need to do is call to book a time slot.