Eyelash Extensions Care: How to Maintain Lashes

If you are trying to learn the best eyelash extensions care methods, then consider a few tips mentioned here to help those lashes last a long time. Many salons that do false lashes perform a fantastic job with the application process but often leave out maintenance instructions. Since your extensions were applied one at a time, you will want to prevent lashes from falling out as much as possible.

Use these Eyelash Extensions Care Tips

Handle Lash Extensions Softly.

Once the procedure has been completed, be extra careful to each eye lash extension. Since a very special adhesive is used to fortify the bonds between each synthetic lash and your natural eyelashes, the first 24 hours are critical. Impulsive movements such as rubbing the eyes or pulling upon the faux lashes can cause the lash adhesive to break down. As humans, we often subconsciously touch our faces repeatedly throughout the day. Oily hands can corrode lash glue, causing unwanted gaps between otherwise nice lashes. An easy way to reduce damaging your eyelash extensions is to avoid placing fingers around the eye area for at least one day after the appointment.

Don’t Submerge Eyelash Extensions under Water for 48 Hours.

While it’s perfectly okay to take a shower after getting falsies, we suggest waiting 2 days before jumping into a pool. The reason is simple: the lash glue needs adequate time to strongly bond with your own eyelashes. After a 48 hours-feel free to go swimming, relax at a sauna, plus play sports. Salons that regularly offer eyelash extensions services, usually make available after care cards with good instructions. It’s important to understand that lash strips done at nail salons are much different than high quality individual lashes. The real deal should have good longevity.

Get Eyelash Extensions Filled Every Few Weeks.

How do celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always seem to have such long lashes? Well, they get their eyelash extension refills scheduled regularly. All body hair will shed about every 90 days. To the naked eye, this is virtually unnoticeable. However, lash growth is an ongoing cycle which is best addressed by getting a monthly touch-up. After getting eyelash extensions from your favorite lash lady, make sure to tell them about your lifestyle. Someone who sweats due to exercise may need fills more frequently than others.

Avoid Using Mascara on Eyelash Extensions.

The great thing about eyelash extensions is spending less on money eye makeup.  Some salons suggest applying a water based mascara, but we think if the lashes are applied correctly it really isn’t necessary.  On the other hand, you can totally accentuate your eyes through choosing fun eye shadow colors- along with dark eye liners to put together a dramatic look. As with all cosmetics, it all boils down to individual preference.

Only Get Professional Eyelash Extensions.

There are so many spas and shops out there that claim to be lash experts because their staff holds certifications. Unfortunately the cosmetic industry frequently omits that eyelash extensions training does little good if the trainee hasn’t earned a beauty license, issued from a state board. Would you really trust your eyes to someone who has possibly only attended a weekend instruction course? Each state mandates different qualifications, so check with yours. At Chicago Lashes, we have incredible makeup artists, yet our lash services are only administered from either a fully licensed cosmetologists or skin estheticians.

Use Sunglasses to Protect Eyelash Extensions.

On windy days, a simple pair of inexpensive shades can act as a barrier between your lash implants and harsh elements. Although fake lashes are durable, strong wind gusts will eventually erode even the most perfect set. You won’t need to buy expensive eye-wear to help your lashes last. Choose eyeglasses that completely cover the radius around the eyes to get results. It is highly recommended to refrain from rubbing sunblock directly on eyelash extensions because the chemicals negatively interact with lash glues.

Buy Eyelash Extensions Sealer.

If you’re goal is to make eyelash extensions last longer: then using lash sealer is a smart decision. The small vials contain tiny brushes which can be dipped into the product bottle. Gently spread the lash serum over your eyelashes daily to provide maximum protection from humidity, rain, and dry weather.

We hope that these eyelash extensions care suggestions help you maintain your lashes long as possible.