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Eyelash Extensions in Chicago, IL

Reasonably Priced Eyelash Extensions are Just Phone Call Away

Chicago Lashes Offers Premium Services

Getting eyelash extensions in Chicago or North Shore Skokie is easier than ever. Chicago Lashes offers high quality individually applied eyelashes at prices that everyone can enjoy.  We use the highest quality eyelash products to bring about stunning lashes that will absolutely turn heads.

$89 Beginner Set for New Clients

Our salon has been providing lash services for nearly a decade and really we really want to help you to look like the best version of yourself.  Clients love the variety of lash looks we offer. Here are just a few of the eyelash extensions styles offered at Chicago Lashes:

  • Classic-Natural looking lashes that can be worn 24 hours a day with low maintenance.
  • Volume-A method that brings about longer, thicker lashes with incredible fullness.
  • Hybrid-Combination between the volume and basic lashes. This style is super popular with models, actresses, including celebrities.


Best eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL and Skokie North Shore

Why Try Individual Eyelash Extensions?

Many women wonder if strip lashes are better than lash extensions. The answer is both serve a purpose.  The benefit of wearing eyelash extensions is that last longer and you don’t have to remove them. With proper care, you can go swimming. go to the gym or even play sports.

You will won’t have to wear clumpy mascara that get messy. In fact, it’s very likely your morning makeup routine will be much faster.

If your going for  seamless, fuller look for your lashes — one that seems totally natural — then you’re going to want a consultation from our Chicago eyelash extensions salon.

The style litterally exploded out of California a few years ago with everyone from Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey to fashion models sporting lash extensions.  And that’s why when you visit a salon or spa today, you almost always see lash  services available.

What to Expect

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When you come to our Chicago Lashes salon to schedule an appointment, we will first sit down with you and do an extensive consultation. We want to get a really good idea of the type of look you want to achieve.

Whenever you purchase your new lash extensions, We recommend getting a high-quality lash sealer. The scientifically developed enzymes inside the sealer do an amazing job of protecting the extensions while also fusing the bond between natural and synthetic hairs.

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