Colored eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way to draw attention to your eyes and make a statement about your unique qualities. But what color should you choose? Chicago Lashes offers a choice of red, pink, purple, green and blue lashesHave fun as each one brings out a different facet of your personality.

Colored Eyelash Extensions, Chicago, ILRed Lashes – Power and Passion

Red lashes demand to be noticed. The human eye reacts quickest to the color red, so if you are seeking instant attention, red colored eyelashes are ideal. The colour red is associated with power and passion, so if you want to close that deal in the boardroom or take control in the bedroom, red colored eyelash extensions could give you the edge.

Pink Lashes – Tender and Loving

Pink lashes are a toned down version of red, adding a gentle touch that speaks of love rather than lust and warmth rather than sizzling heat. Pink colored eyelashes are perfect for the loving mom or the girl who seeks a partner who will want to look after her.

Purple Lashes – Artistic Flair

Purple lashes are worn by girls who aren’t afraid to be different and who like to think of themselves as that little bit special. The colour of both art and spirituality, purple colored eyelash extensions will pique the interest of those around you and leave them wanting to find out more. A great choice for arts students!

Green Lashes – Healthy and Balanced

Green lashes present a strong and balanced image, commanding instant respect. The colour of nature and all things wholesome, green colored eyelashes will send out subtle messages of growth and harmony, attracting people to your vital energy.

Blue Lashes – Cool and Deep

Blue lashes add a sense of mystery which some people will find irresistible. A cool colour, blue quells the passions but brings with it a peace and depth that suggests there is much more about this girl than meets the eye.

Of course, you might have your own pretty color associations; for example you might want to wear pink “colored eyelash extensions” to go with your pink sports coupe or green lashes to tie in with a wedding. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting your ideal eyelash color scheme.

At Chicago Lashes, we will supply you with free beverages and snacks in our lounge area, while one of our licensed cosmetologists or beauty therapists will help you decide on which colored eye lashes would suit your individual persona and style.

Our staff will also show you the different types of individual extensions available (e.g. synthetic, silk or even mink). You might want to consider bringing in some pictures of pretty eyelashes you like the look of, for example celebrity snaps of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.