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The hottest Glenview IL eyelash extensions services are available from Chicago Lashes salon. Now, Glenview 60025, 60025 residence can get longer lashes during their next trip to the Skokie vicinity. Is mascara your favorite beauty product? Do you use false eyelash strips that you have to reapply every morning? It might be time to rethink your eyelash look. Take your eyelashes to luxurious lengths with eyelash extensions! Gorgeous, full, long and lush eyelashes can incredibly enhance the beauty of your eyes.  Lash Extensions are a growing trend at spas and salons.

Planning on doing some shopping on the North Shore? Stop by Chicago Lashes Salon’s new location across from Old Orchard Mall to meet with their highly trained, professional makeup artists. The lash extension techs can discuss your lash options in a luxury salon where you will feel unique, special and beautiful.

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Glenview area eyelash extensions

Since Glenview women are savvy about their eyelashes, we know that traditional fake eyelashes just want do. This type of eyelash enhancement offers a variety of options. Is your curiosity piqued but you still have reservations? Read on for more information on eyelash extensions available in the Glenview Area:

  • They greatly reduce the need for mascara. Cosmetics companies promise their mascaras work better than others and women fall prey to these advertisements. They spend ample time using said mascaras as well as eyelash primers and, in some cases, eyelash-growing serums. With eyelash extensions, all that extra time spent on your beauty regimen is averted.
  • Eyelashes extensions eliminate the need for eyelash strips. If you are a woman on the go and need a quick fix for your lashes, then eyelash strips might be your best option at that moment. At your convenience, visit your local salon to discuss your lash extension options. With extensions, you get the look of eyelash strips, at a much better quality, and without the added time consuming daily application. Eyelash strips are also applied with a temporary adhesive, whereas eyelash extensions can last weeks, maybe even months with proper maintenance. All eyelash applications require a steady hand to ensure correct application and can result in a clown makeup look if they are applied in a hurry. Eyelash extension applications done in salons are applied by highly trained, professional makeup artists or lash experts.
  • No two designs are the same. Eyelash extensions are available in numerous lengths, thicknesses and curls. You can opt for a dramatic effect with added thickness and length for lashes that are not as long, dark and lush as you would like them to be. Want to go a little crazy with your lash look? Go for it! Chicago Lashes offers Double Thick Dramatic lash extensions for more defined, more beautiful lashes. If your local salon carries colored eyelash extensions, you might even want to take your lash game on the edge and consider an ombre effect for your lashes. Chicago Lashes carries lash extensions in different colors and also offers an Eyelash Add On service that allows you to add bling to your lashes! Looking for something a little more toned down? You can also opt for a partial set of extensions which will simply enhance your natural lashes with a little length, no drama. At Chicago Lashes, customers can choose extensions that give them the basic mascara effect which is a perfect option for customers who want a more natural look.
  • With eyelash extensions, roughly 125-150 individual lashes are placed on your natural lashes allowing the extensions and the natural lashes to blend. Whether you opt for subtle or dramatic lashes, the eyelash extensions will always have a natural look instead of the stiffer look achieved by the eyelash strips.
  • Mink eyelashes do not ruin your natural lashes. As always, safety first! Do your research. Contact your local lash lady and make sure you do not have any allergies to the products they use. When applied properly, by highly qualified individuals, and with proper maintenance, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural eyelashes. Since the extensions are placed on the eyelashes and not the eyelid, the extensions will fall out when the natural lash falls out to make room for new lash growth. This is perfectly natural and touch ups are available for any new growth.
  • Perfect for any occasion. Eyelash extensions can be worn for any occasion. Some women prefer to have them as an everyday part of their beauty regimen and maintain them with regular touch-ups. Other women prefer to save eyelash enhancement for special occasions such as weddings and holidays, including Halloween!
  • Semi-Permanent. That’s right! All eyelashes applied at Chicago Lashes are semi-permanent! They also offer eyelash extension removal should you decide the extensions are not for you.
  • Check with our local salon for monthly or new customer specials. Chicago Lashes provides discounts instantly sent to their customers via mobile phone.

Glenview is actually a village just 14 miles from downtown which is apart of the Northfield township. The Glenview Naval Air Station has much history and is a major attraction for visitors.

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