Eyelash Extensions - Keep Your Lashes a Secret

Scan the beauty and fashion forums and you will find countless tips on how to hide the fact that you are wearing lash extensions. From choosing lash extensions of the right thickness and curling your own lashes upwards slightly to painting mascara over the seam and slashing on the liquid liner there is a wealth of information to help you achieve that coveted natural look. Women from Niles to Skokie and City North Chicago enjoy natural appearing eyelash extensions.

But there is hardly any information about why we should be keeping our lash extensions secret. Is there really any point in going to all that extra effort to keep up the illusion of lovely luscious lashes?

Making Your Lash Extensions Look Natural

Actually, there are at least four very good reasons why we should strive to hide the seams as much as possible.

Strip False eyelashes are a turn off

Apparently, false eyelashes are one of the make-up sins that girls should avoid at all costs. This bombshell was dropped by men in a survey about what does and does not turn them on. But we all know what men really mean by that: they like women who appear natural. Given the choice between a pretty girl with patchy, nondescript lashes and a beautiful babe with expertly blended false lashes and there won’t be many men who stand by their survey answers! Of course, there is an evolutionary reason for this: dark, luscious lashes hint at fertility and health. Evolution has got us a long way so far, so go ahead and wear lash extensions – just don’t look like you’re wearing them.

A natural look is more classy

Even if you have no interest in attracting a man, looking as natural as possible is simply more sophisticated and classy than slapping on as much obvious make-up as possible. Think about who you admire – whether they are a celebrity or one of your peers – and then think about how they apply their make-up. OK, Kim Kardashian is an exception to the general rule when it comes to natural-looking lashes!

Avoid the claws

It’s a jungle out there, and competition and jealousy can lead to all sorts of wicked comments. Like wild predators, your rivals will be looking for a weakness, and if they spot the join between your real lashes and your extensions you can bet they won’t be keeping the revelation to themselves for very long.

Draw attention to your eyes

Finally, one of the reasons we wear lash extensions is to draw attention to our eyes – the windows to our souls. The last thing you should do is hijack this by making your lash extensions so obvious they take up all the attention.

Needless to say, you should always go to a professional salon if you want expertly fitted lash extensions so you can keep your little secret for as long as possible! Speak with a Chicago Lashes tech about getting individual eyelash extensions.

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