Eyelash Extensions Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Palatine

We bring the Hollywood star treatment to Illinois with our mobile salon, exclusively for eyelash extensions for the greater Chicago area. Get incredibly longer, fuller, natural-looking eyelashes from our experienced artists without ever having to leave home. A more dramatic and mysterious look is just one appointment away with services from Chicago Lashes.

These types of specialty enhancements are completely different than false lashes which have traditionally been applied as strips and are prone to fall out quickly. Instead, our technique is to individually bond high quality synthetic extensions to your own natural lashes. The process requires a great deal of patience, craftsmanship and sheer artistry, but gives you much more real looking lashes that last for months.

Because we have been receiving so many requests from women wanting eyelash extensions in Schaumburg, Arlington Heights and Palatine, We’ve added the regions to our service areas. If you plan on spending time near downtown Chicago, you can also feel free to make an appointment at our studio.

What’s the Process for Getting Eyelash Extensions? Watch the video below for more info.

The process for getting eyelash extensions from our traveling salon is simple. Call Chicago Lashes and just give us a time for us to come out. Due to the popularity of our treatments, we generally try to visit a few clients within a given location. However, if you are the only person booked for the area that day, we are happy to come out. One of our talented girls will come to your home or office, and give you a consultation about the lashes. You might be shown a portfolio with pictures of movie stars and clients with eyelash extensions, to help you pick an individualized look. Whether you’re missing lashes due to genetics, or have naturally short eyelashes, our treatments can bring about a dramatic change.

It takes anywhere between 90 & 120 minuets for each enhancement, because our girls pay a lot of attention to the specific details of your eyes. Since these lashes are weightless, and can be worn day or night, it’s important we give you eyelashes that look true. We recommend having a re-touch every 3 to 4 weeks, to keep pace with the natural shedding and growth process of your natural eyelashes.

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Contact our mobile salon for more data about Eyelash Extensions, always available to residence in Schaumburg, Arlington Heights and Palatine.