Eyelash Extensions vs Mascara

Fiber Mascara or Eyelash Extensions

Long and luscious lashes that frame the eyes and draw attention to her face as well as beauty of her eyes are one of the most sought-after features of a attractive woman. So what is a woman to do if she has not been blessed with the type of lashes that she wants to have? Fortunately, these women do have some options that they can use to make their lashes thicker, longer and sexier – fiber mascara and false eyelashes.

Is Fiber Mascara Right for You?

Fiber mascara can best be described as false lashes in a bottle. While using mascara seems like a good idea on the surface, for the maximum effect to be obtained – meaning the longer and thickest lashes – repeated applications of this type of mascara are required. Unfortunately, many women find that repeated applications can create an atmosphere that makes it difficult to enjoy oneself. Not only must she continuously excuse herself to reapply her mascara but she also needs to be concerned that all the repeated applications could lead to unattractive clumps along their lashes.

Lash Extensions Build on Your Natural Lashes
False eyelashes give women the ability to customize the look of their eyelashes. Adding a few lash extensions gives a woman the look of wonderfully thick eyelashes that adds star power to her eyes every day. For those special occasions when she wants her eyes to garner even more attention, a woman can have more eyelash extensions added to increase the volume of her natural lashes.

Make Your Eyes Pop With Vivid Colors
Lash extensions are also available in an array of bright and flirty colors. While fiber mascara can be found in different colors, the effect of using such products is very much muted when compared to the high visibility of lash extensions. When a woman wants to make a statement, colored eyelash extensions are a guaranteed way to do so.

Add “Wow” Factor to Your Wedding Day Eyes
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look amazing fro the occasion. From the perfect dress to exquisite makeup, this is also a day that sure to fill you with the jitters. You will not have to be concerned about how your makeup looks, though, if you choose eyelash extensions.

In addition to adding lots of glorious length to your lashes, professionally applied false eyelashes will also add volume. You will not have to be concerned that they will smudge or rub off during the festivities either. In fact, you count on them to last well into your honeymoon, and beyond.

Leave it to the Pros
It is important to seek out a professional’s help when it comes choosing false eyelashes and having them applied. In addition to having a consultation with an eyelash extension professional to determine the best false eyelashes for your needs, these lashes specialists have tens of thousands of hours of experience applying them so that you pleased with the end results. Schedule a visit at Chicago Lashes today.