False Eyelashes Chicago, Semi-Permanent Lashes

Have you ever considered changing your eyes appearance with false eyelashes but were turned off because you heard they only last a few days? Fake eyelashes are often referred to as lash strips because they attach to the lids of your eyes for a very temporary amount of time.  Sure, they are great for just a couple of hours, but if you want a natural look, Chicago Lashes individually applied eyelashes from our creative makeup artists a great way to go.

The application technique by which semi-permanent eyelashes are administered varies amongst technicians because everyone learns in a different way. Top lash companies such as Extreme eyelashes, and Nova Lash teach their students how to apply eyelash extensions using different methods, bringing about a seamless transformation.

Professional Care

At Chicago Lashes, our owner was trained by Lavish Lashes, and uses her skills as a certified makeup artist to create a beautiful look by applying individual eyelash extensions that match your unique facial features. Unlike quick and often cheap eyelash extensions procedures available from the mall, these are custom-enhanced eyelashes that stay on for up to 10 weeks at a time.

The reason semi-permanent eyelashes last so long is because they are placed lash by lash upon natural lashes with a scientifically developed bonding agent which freezes them in places.

High Quality Work

We provide our clients with the option of having eyelash extensions applied from the familiar surroundings of home by one of our stylists, or coming to our fun little studio. On some occasions, we provide false eyelashes at various Chicago spas.

There isn’t a standard amount of time in which it takes to have individually applied eyelashes because everyone’s needs differ. Our goal is to give customers eyelashes that look amazing and feel real.

Contact Chicago Lashes for individually applied eyelashes, available for men and women in most regions of Chicago, IL.