Fiber Mascara Review

Fiber Mascara Observations

So, it’s time for some observations and reviews on fiber mascara eyelash extensions. Every now and then, a new lash beauty product hits the stores and claims to give your lashes the illusion of more volume, length or curl – and, as you’ve probably discovered yourself, some are more successful in creating that effect than others. But the latest line of products making a name for themselves go much further; they are the so-called ‘fiber mascaras’. There are two types of fiber mascara: an all-in-one product that is applied just like a regular mascara, and another which comes with two separate wands; one for applying a transplanting gel and the other for adding the fibers.

So what are these fibers?

Microfibers are tiny threads of a material like rayon, silk or nylon and the idea is that they attach themselves to the tips of your lashes, as well as in between them, to increase both lash length and body. But do they really work? If you are in the beauty industry, considering taking eyelash extension class.

Be careful what you believe.

Fiber Mascara Eyelash ExtensionsBefore going into the real pros and cons of fiber mascara there’s something you really should know about some of the advertising controversy surrounding fiber mascara. Of course, every manufacturer has the right to promote the virtues of their products, but there have been several high profile cases where the girls modelling the fiber mascara are actually wearing false lashes. So always read the small print on the ads and don’t believe everything you see!

The pros of fiber mascara

There are two main benefits going for fiber mascara: short-term cost and convenience. If you are looking for a temporary way to increase lash length and volume and are not too fussy about the final effect then a low-cost fiber mascara might be a sensible choice. Fiber mascara, particularly a single application product, is also quick to apply, saving you time if you’re rushing out to a party. Chicago Lashes bar has makeup artists who can also provide opinions of various types of eye makeups.

The cons of fiber mascara

Unfortunately, as with many areas of life, low prices means sacrificing a little bit of quality. The cheapest fiber mascaras are liable to flake off easily which can mean an evening wiping streaks of mascara across your face or a watering eye irritated by a stray fiber. The cheap brands can also be quite tacky, sticking together in the corners. The more expensive fiber mascaras are less likely to cause a problem, but if you’re willing to pay $30 for some high quality mascara in a flashy box, why not go the whole hog and get some individually applied lash extensions in the comfort of a salon?

Rushed and/or unskilled fiber mascara application can look truly awful, with clumping, spidery eyes or stray fibers on your face, so if you do intend to go that route, make sure you take time to apply the product properly.

Finally, girls with contact lenses should probably avoid fiber mascara eyelash extensions as the microfibers can easily get stuck in behind them causing irritation at best or even infection.

Why a salon makes sense?

In a salon, individual lash extensions can be seamlessly blended with your natural lashes by a professional make-up artist who will use their experience and skill to find you the perfect product for your eye shape. Once the false lashes have been carefully glued into place they will be virtually undetectable. The process may be more time-consuming, but the effect is well worth the wait in our opinion. Besides, the good quality fiber mascaras still need multiple applications to set the fibers in place – it’s not quite sweep and go!

The verdict

Fiber mascaras are cheap and convenient and certainly have their place in the lash beauty product market. However,  individual lash extensions, professionally applied at a salon, such as Chicago Lashes are still the benchmark when it comes to creating that natural long, lush lashes effect. We don’t see the celebrities ditching the falsies any time soon – just ask the mascara ad cover girls!