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The improvement in fashion and beauty industry means age is just a number. In fact, if you know what the trend is and follow industry best help for beauty and aesthetics, you will discover the older you get, sometimes the prettier and sexier you become. Making you more beautiful is the intent and purpose of lash extension, Chicago.

Every woman who desires to look good should consider making bold changes to their facial look. The face is the first point of contact where ever you go and the iconic role eyes play in our entire being cannot be over emphasized that is why women who understand the power in the eye take the extra effort to invest eyelashes extension to make their facial look more magical.

Better Looking Eyes Chicago North Shore

There is no arguing the fact that even women take a second look at their fellow woman who understands the latest eyelashes extension fashion.  If you are wondering what is in it for you, below is a quick fact about eyelashes extension you should know.

  • You make up less. According to TODAY and AOL study, it reported that women spend an average of 55 minutes daily on their appearance. That statistic shows 335 hours a year. Calculate that at 24.17 hourly wage $24.17 hourly wage amounts to 48096.95 spent on the dressing table. A lash extension can save you over $8000 per annum!
  • Low maintenance. Apart from the refill appointments that come up at two weeks intervals, nothing else is needed to get your eyelashes extension functioning and giving you the beauty you deserve.
  • It becomes a part of you. Do you understand the feeling you have when you love something in your life? Yea, you don’t want to part with it, and that is the feeling you get with a perfectly done eyelashes extension. You are noticeably prettier, better and younger looking. Want more information? Check out our Professional Eyelash Extensions Blog!

What you need to know about eyelashes extension

Using lash extension is beautiful but even more beautiful is when you have it fixed by experts who not only know how to fix but do understands the little secrets of handling a lasting, more beautiful and natural looking eyelash.

If your needing eyelash extensions near Chicago, North Shore Skokie, IL and need to make your eyelash to improve your facial beauty, lash extensions, Chicago offers one of the best eyelashes extension art that will give you the quality handling to make you comfortable and beautiful.

Some women who complain about after effect of lash fixing is due to poor handling in most cases. Yes, this is why you need to allow only expert aesthetician and not just anyone handles your eye beauty for you.

Chicago Lashes offers expert’s handling of your eyelash to deliver beautiful and natural looking lash you will love. The service is affordable and professional. The Chicago lash house not only fixes lashes, but it also trains aestheticians and cosmetologist in the application of the state of the art beauty technology.

Chicago lash extensions give your eyes a healthier look and younger appearance with better looking eyes.