Glamorous Eyelash Extensions Chicago, Addison, Elmhurst

Chicago Eyelashes incredible makeup artists apply glamorous eyelash extensions for Chicago, Addison and Elmhurst, IL with stunning results. This personalized treatment allows women with active schedules to save time by getting professional eyelashes applied at home, office, hotel room or even wedding event.

Our unique services fuse together professional makeup artists with the expertise of certified eyelash professionals from Nova Lash and Lavish Lashes to give you exceptional results. While there are plenty of fantastic salons around the city that provide these treatments, we offer an alternative by making it possible to have custom-tailored appointments.

How Does Your Eyelash Extensions Service Work?

Essentially your own personal makeup artist can apply eyelash extensions for residence of Chicago, Addison, Elmhurst and many other communities simply by making a reservation. If that doesn’t fit you style, enhancements are also available at our little studio on the city’s north side.

It wasn’t that long ago that the only people who could afford to have their lashes extended were ultra rich Hollywood celebrities. Today anyone who wants natural looking, thicker eyelashes can enjoy the fabulous treatment. Eyelash Extensions work through the process of bonding a real looking synthetic to an individual lash, bringing about undetectable results. This is definitely not an appointment you want to rush. Eyelash enhancements require a steady hand with focused precision on the part of the technician.

Generally, it takes about 90-120 minutes for our makeup artists to get them done. When the girls first arrive, they will study your eyes in order to create the desired look you want to achieve.

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Contact our makeup artists to inquire about these Glamorous Eyelash Extensions, conveniently available in Chicago, Addison and Elmhurst.