What Are House of Lashes Strips

The House of Lashes is a particular brand of false eyelashes which are available via lash strips. Based out of Fountain Valley California, the company sells a very good quality alternative to those who prefer not wearing individual eyelash extensions. We highly recommend these lash strips to professional makeup artists.

How is House of Lashes Strips different than individual eyelash extensions?

The Lash strips are sold as a cluster of lashes. The falsies are distributed in one specific size that can be custom-trimmed to a specific shape. Chicago Lashes extensions are placed on natural lashes one at a time. This process is much different than lash strips.

What are the pros and cons of eyelash extensions?

house-of-lashes strips

Jade Thirlwall Sporting House of Lashes Strips

This really depends upon the needs of each person. An advantage to having Chicago Lashes Eyelash Extensions is the applications done by a licensed technician. Each lash is strategically bonded singularly to enhance the longevity of the extension. Another benefit of individual lash extensions from our lash spot in Chicago is our makeup artist uses the highest quality pharmaceutical grade- adhesive around he eyes.

A drawback can be when false eyelashes are set improperly by inexperienced techs. Lash durability is the chief reason semi-permanent eyelashes are so popular these days.

Why do you recommend House of Lashes Strips over other brands?

There are a ton of great businesses that sell lashes online. We’ve seen House of Lashes and are impressed with their products. We want consumers to have the ability to make informed choices. We are happy to feature other lash brands on our website.

Which brand do you use for appointments?

We have our own line of semi-permanent lashes. Our salon does not sell false eyelash strips. Feel free to call our salon for a consultation.