How Do Selfie Sticks Work?

Selfie Sticks are more popular than ever these days. Since more and more people are becoming friendly with the selfie concept, it comes to no surprise that we would find a way to make them even better. If you happened to pass by a tourist attraction lately, the odds are you have seen people taking a selfie with their Android or I-phone smartphone attached to the end of pole. These special sticks were first seen across Asia, including in Thailand and China. However, it quickly became a global phenomenon, reason for which you can see more people smiling to get that perfect shot.

What are Selfie Sticks?

Selfie Sticks allows for awesome pictures and according to its widespread use, it is definitely becoming a global trend, especially since it is so accessible in terms of pricing. Who better to get a great vantage point than you?  So how exactly do these selfie sticks work? Basically, it is an inexpensive version of a monopod. The only difference is that the selfie stick is specially designed to be held at arm’s length.

So how do you start snapping pics?  You simply attach your cell phone or your Go Pro to the end of the stick and you take a picture. Some of them are equipped with a remote button to take pictures while others require you use the device’s timer. Simply aim and shoot.

Selfie Sticks come in three basic versions:

  1. Bluetooth-enabled sticks which allow you to pair up and then press a remote button on the stick for the picture to be taken.
  2. Plug-in sticks which work the same way as the former. You simply connect the stick to the device via a USB cable.
  3. Selfie sticks that come without any remote triggering feature which require the use of the device’s timer. While this is an “old-fashioned” approach, its benefit is the low cost of the stick.

Selfie sticks are also incredibly widespread because they offer the user the chance to take epic pictures and videos, especially during holidays and travelling. Who doesn’t want an epic Facebook or Instagram picture? Not to mention how popular a perfect selfie can become on Pinterest. Simply get in front of that waterfall and raise your stick for an awesome photo.

How do Selfie Sticks Work

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Having said this, professional selfie sticks are in many ways a reincarnation of the age old picture taking. The best part is these selfie rods are adaptable to short arms. Now, setting your smart phone upon a stand are over. “Selfie Sticks” are here to stabilize images, as well make it easier to take better pictures.