At Chicago Lashes, we believe every woman deserves a set of lush, natural-looking eyelashes — and that doesn’t have to mean a daily battle with fake eyelashes! For women throughout the Chicago area, we offer a range of stunning eyelash extensions that extend the length and thickness of eyelashes to create a beautiful, full look enhancing your natural beauty. So what can you expect from your lashes? How long do extensions last? What’s the difference between the different kinds?

To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the specific eyelash extensions we offer at our salon, along with an idea of how long each type lasts!eyelash-extensions-how-long-do-they-last

  • Natural Lash Extensions: Natural lash extensions are applied one lash at a time to your natural lashes. These individually applied lashes look wonderfully natural and create a stunning visual appeal. Because they are applied one at a time to your individual, natural lashes, they last as long as the length of your eyelashes’ growth cycle, which is typically six to eight weeks. As your natural lashes grow out, the extensions fall out, too. This is why regular touchups every three to four weeks can be so useful.
  • Double Thick Dramatic Lash Extensions: For double thick dramatic lash extensions, we apply not one, but two double thick lashes to each of your natural eyelashes. This creates that incredible fat lash look, where your lashes are plump and thick and eye-catching. Again, because these lashes are applied individually to your natural lashes, they last as long as your eyelashes’ growth cycle, which is typically six to eight weeks. Regular touchups every three to four weeks can keep them looking new!
  • Lash Extension Partial Set: Also know as a half fill, a lash extension partial set is a great choice when you want a flirty look or want to try eyelash extensions without going for a full set. These lashes also last the length of your natural eyelashes’ growth cycle, typically six to eight weeks.
  • Lash Touchups: Getting extension touchups is a great way to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. A touchup will usually last for three to four weeks — and at Chicago Lashes, we offer a discount when you purchase three touchups! In other words, keeping your lashes looking lovely is easier than ever!

Have you been thinking about eyelash extensions? Come to Chicago Lashes! We’d love to give you the beautiful, luxuriant lashes you’ve always dreamed of, right in our salon. Our lash experts can explain your options and answer any questions you may have!

Eyelash Extensions last between 6 and eight weeks, with gentle care. We recommend a lash fill every 3-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking full. Our techs will provide you with an after care package, including instructions on lash care. Our salon sells a special eyelash sealer to protect your extensions from the elements, as well as increase the life span of your lashes. If you have any problems with your lashes, we will be happy to provide a free fix, within 7 days of your initial appointment.