How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions in Winter

Winter is the season of sweaters, wool socks, hot chocolate, and fireplaces. It is a wonderful time of the year except for our hair, skin, and eyelashes. Because of the colder temperatures and lower levels of humidity lead to dry skin and hair, which also affects the growth cycle of eyelashes. In winter, lashes are more brittle and as a result, they may shed prematurely. This on the other hand, also affects lash extensions. 

Another negative effect of the cold weather is that hair and respectively eye lashes grow slower in the winter season. For those who wear eyelash extensions, this can be somewhat positive news as it will mean that you need to visit your saloon less often for fills. 

There are several tricks to help your eyelashes and the extensions you sport stay beautiful in winter too. They are simple and easy to follow but the results are guaranteed. 

Moisturize your lashes 

As cold weather causes dryness and makes lashes brittle, it is necessary to moisturize them. You may know that castor or linseed oil makes wonders with natural lashes as it promotes growth. Oils, however, are one of the biggest enemies of eyelash extensions as they can make the bonds loose and thus your extensions can pop off. To prevent that, avoid using moisturizers that contain oils, glycerin, and wax. If you use such a moisturizer for your face, make sure that it doesn’t get near your eyes.   

You can shop around for special serums that can be applied to lashes with extensions. They usually contain plant or herbal extracts and help moisturize lashes and promote growth.  

Enjoy safe steaming 

In the cold season, there is nothing better than a hot bathtub or a sauna treatment. They revive your body and make you feel healthier and refreshed. It is ok to use saunas, steam rooms, and take a hot tub with eyelash extensions as long as you follow one simple rule: ever touch and rub your eyes while using them! The hot air softens the adhesive bonds and if you rub your eyes at that moment, you may cause your lash extensions to fall. Once, your eyelashes cool again, everything goes back to normal. 

In other words, enjoy a nice steaming experience but remember not to touch your eyes. Your eyelashes won’t suffer any negative side effects of the steam.  

Visit your saloon for fills regularly  

It is necessary to visit your lash artist regularly for fills in order to keep your eyelash extensions in supreme form all year long. Get in touch with your salon and schedule an appointment every 2-3 weeks. During the appointment, your lash artist will not simply refill the extensions but also remove or replace overgrown or twisted extensions. In addition to that, they will check the health of your natural lashes and let you know if there is any problem.  

If you think that you are losing too many of your artificial eyelashes prematurely, it is also a good idea to check with the experts to see if there is any particular reason for that.  

Get a fresh set of eyelash extensions  

Winter is also a good time to try something different. If you have been wearing very long or thick eyelash extensions throughout the summer, maybe it is time to change them with a lighter set for the winter. In addition to the brand-new look, you will also give your natural lashes a chance to revive and thus look fabulous throughout the whole year. 

There is also the option, to give your lashes a few weeks pause and wear no extensions, which we know is quite hard for lash-addicts. Your lash artist will tell you if this step is necessary in case you have heavy seasonal shedding, for example, and that is the best move for your lashes. 

Follow a healthy diet  

Last but not least, a healthy diet will affect positively your skin, hair, and eyelashes. You need to take a lot of vitamins and minerals either through your food or as supplements. One of the important minerals is silica as it promotes hair and nail growth. Vitamins B, D, and E should also be part of your diet. It is good to consult your doctor or a nutritionist about how to include them in your diet and which is the appropriate dosages for you.  

These simple tips can help you have healthier hair, skin, and lashes in the cold season and allow you to enjoy your favorite eyelash extensions in winter too. If you haven’t tried eyelash extensions so far, you can visit one of our salons located in Chicago and get the best treatment in town.