How to Choose a Lash Girl

With so many self proclaimed lash girls doing eyelash extensions, choosing the right professional can often be challenging. Over the years, we’ve heard dozens of complaints from women who had their lashes done by someone completely unqualified. The best way to prevent damage to your eyes, skin and lashes is to do a little research before your purchase.

Tips for Choosing the Right Lash Girl

  1. Look to see if the girl doing your lashes has an actual state issued license. A lashes certification from a private company is not the same as license. Most states, including Illinois, now require passing a cosmetology or esthetician exam. Why is a license important for applying individual eyelashes? You will have a peaceful mind knowing that your lashes were applied by someone who understands the basics of sanitation.
  2. Ask about lash aftercare practices. A good makeup artist or lash specialist will want to provide tips for keeping your longer lashes looking fresh. Ideally, you will want an aftercare card which has easy to understand instructions for your new lashes. At the very least, the lash extension salon’s website should have clear information available.
  3. Make sure she has a genuine personality. Since you’re likely to return every few weeks for a touch-up – the girl should have a pleasant personality. Your overall customer experience should be more than just getting false eyelashes. Over time, does she get to know you as a person? At our salon, we really want everyone to feel special, because they are!

Enhancing your eyes with longer lashes can be a great experience. The right lash girl can make all the difference in the world.