How to Clean Makeup Brushes Right

Cleaning your makeup brushes is important for the maintenance of proper hygiene. Chicago Lashes is happy to share beauty tips. Make up brushes if not cleaned for a long time can attract some kinds of bacteria. It can also cause increased acne and breakout. It could lead to bacterial infections and viruses. Because many people don’t know how to go about cleaning their makeup brushes, they generally leave it in a messy and unclean state. This article will help you understand how to keep your makeup brushes clean if not all the time, at least most of the time.

Things Needed to Clean Makeup Brushes

To learn how properly clean and sanitize your makeup brushes, requires the following steps: alcohol, some cotton, soap and a small container or jar, and of course your dirty brush.

Step One – Dusting off your brush.

The first steps in cleaning your makeup brush is to first dust off and remove the accumulated residue deposit leftover from previous applications. These accumulated deposits may not be easily seen, but they are there trust me on this.

Step two – Soaking the brush.

Apply a little soap on the palm of your hand, and then rub your brush in a circular motion gently so the brush soaks in some of the soap. This step is necessary to clean the bristles thoroughly. Then rinse your brush using Luke warm mater. Once this is done, you can use a clean towel to dry it up by allowing the brush to sit flat on a dry towel. Allow few minutes for the brush to dry up.

Step Three – Cleaning the brush.

Pour a small quantity of alcohol into the jar. Then dip your brush into the alcohol jar and rotate the brush inside the alcohol liquid in a circular swirl motion.

Step Four – Drying your Makeup brush.

Your next action is to dry your makeup brush by wiping it off. Put the brush on a dry towel and allow some time for the excess alcohol to dry through evaporation process. The time it will take your brush to fully dry up depends on the actual size of your brush. Smaller brushes tend to dry much faster than bigger brushes.

If you follow these steps you will achieve great results in easily cleaning your makeup brush. Many celebrities look amazing without makeup . So, it is okay to give skin a break. One mistake that some people at times make is on step four during the drying up stage. It is very important that you let your brush to fully and totally dry up before using it again. Sometimes people may be in a hurry and may use their just cleaned brush without allowing it to fully dry. Doing this will lead to larger deposits and residues on your brush leaving it in another bad shape with deposit build up. After each clean up make sure you also clean up the container you used. Use your cotton to soak in alcohol and first rinse the container and then apply alcohol thoroughly to wipe it off. Chicago Lashes has available professional makeup artists in Chicago, IL.