How to Prevent Lashes from Falling Out

Are you experiencing difficulties with your lashes falling out, shortly after having eyelash extensions? A lot of women who have had enhancements from other stylists or salons want to know how to make their lashes last longer.

For starters, each professional who provides extensions has their own technique, skill level and method in which false eyelashes are applied. At a minimum, you should be receiving some kind of information about keeping them up.

After Eyelash Extensions Care

It doesn’t matter if you went to Lavish, X-Treme, Nova, or Premier Lashes, it’s really important to practice proper good after-eyelash-extensions care. First and foremost, purchase a good lash sealer! Think of the synthetic hairs as if they were a new pair of suede leather shoes: Wouldn’t you want to conceal them from the elements? A sealer will protect your lashes from dirt, oil, moisture and other harmful agents in the air which can prematurely cause lashes to fall out.

Can I Make my Lashes Stay on Longer?

Use the following tips to help your eyelashes last longer:

  • Use a non-waterproof based mascara. Oils corrode & break down the molecules within lash adhesives.
  • Be gentle when using make up remover, mascara or eye cream around the lash/lid areas.
  • Wait 24 hours before exposing lashes to water.
  • Your lashes can be worn while swimming, but wait at least 48 hours before getting into the pool.
  • Use a cotton Q-tip when removing eyeliner.
  • It’s highly recommended to use only water based cosmetic products near the eyes.
  • Avoid picking or pulling on lashes.
  • The eyelash growth and shedding cycle occurs every 45 to 90 days. It is for this reason we suggest having a monthly retouch.

No matter where you get your eyelash extensions done, you can use this advice to prevent your lashes from falling out.