How to Take Hot Selfies

If you’re wondering how so many women take hot selfies, then it’s time to make a few changes so that you can appear amazing too. Since everyone wants their social media pictures to look flawless, why not spend extra time to share with the world your beautiful face?  Follow these simple tips to take a supermodel selfie to share on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. If for any reason you didn’t have the chance to visit a professional makeup artist beforehand, there are still a few things you can do to make your selfies look amazing.

Make Selfies Pop

Take hot selfies by using either liquid or powder makeup (even eyeshadow works). Accentuate the cheekbones along the jaw line through using a shade lighter to contour your face.

Because our features are often lost on cell phone pictures, highlighting and beautifying facial areas will make your features stand out as well as help you look more refined and exotic. Our Chicago Eyelash Extensions will give the appearance of bigger eyes on Instagram.

Do Selfies with Hot Rock Red Lips

There was a time when lipstick was only for Grandma, but those days are gone! Red lipstick – from bright and beautiful to dark and devious – creates a dramatic look that stands out in selfies. If you choose the right shade, it can even create the illusion of a creamier skin tone, whiter teeth, and eyes that stand out. Using a lip liner can even allow you to reshape your lips, adding fullness.

Avoid Unnatural Selfie Poses

Considering the number of memes in existence created simply to mock duck-lips selfies, it’s a wonder so many people still post these silly shots. Duck lips, sucked in cheeks, and one-eye-brow-up looks are out. These days, natural looks are popular. The hottest selfie is one in which you are absolutely confident.  A smile, a laugh, or a dramatic expression will bring you the most admiration.

Wear Just Enough Bling on Selfies

There’s a fine line between looking trashy and glamours. Keeping yourself on the right side appearing lady-like is vital. Taking a Bra and panties selfies or naked under the sheets cross the line too much. A shirt that is low enough to show the crest of your bosom plus the shadow of your cleavage is sexy- it leaves a little to the imagination and men love suspense. A form fitting top can do the same.

Accessorize for Selfies

Dramatic jewelry can make you look glamorous and red carpet worthy. A necklace and earrings that accent your outfit are always a safe bet. Hats and scarves can create a girl-next-door look that your friends will envy. While most accessories are great for taking pictures, avoid sunglasses if you’re looking for a hot selfie. Sunglasses can be fun but covering your eyes prevents the deep connection that accompanies eye contact.

Take Sexy Selfies

It’s happened to every one of us: you look amazing in the bathroom mirror but your selfie falls flat. Features are often lost in a shot captured by a camera phone. Big hair, false lashes, and dramatic eyeliner will draw attention to your features and give you the runway look you want. Also, choosing the right lighting makes a world of difference. Experiment in different rooms of the house and in indoor and outdoor light until you find the lighting that looks most appealing. Talk to a Chicago Lashes makeup artist about tips on taking the best selfies on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

It’s the year of the selfie – follow these recommendations to look hot.