eyelash extensions


Are you ready to learn about the difference between individual eyelashes and false eyelash strips?  Since the eyes are such a sensitive organ, it’s absolutely critical that an eyelash extensions procedure be performed by trained professional.

How Are Individual Eyelashes Applied?

The entire process begins by working with a specialist to choose a desired lash look. This can include showing you example photos of famous celebrities, as well as other popular women who have had individual lashes applied. Once comfortable, your stylist will carefully place synthetic lash extensions along many of your own natural lashes. The eye lash extensions are bonded with a high quality adhesive, which provide long lasting endurance for the new lashes.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Individual eyelashes can last as long as 8 weeks, so long as you are very gentle with your lashes. We recommend not excessively rubbing your eyes, picking or plucking the new extended lashes.  Typically, clients schedule last touch ups every four weeks to keep their eyes looking fresh.

How Much Time Will it Take to Get My False Eyelashes?

Since we want to give you the best looking eyelashes possible, we take our time. A standard appointment can take nearly 2 hours. During the session, you can enjoy free coffee, drinks and snacks from, available from our lounge. A lot of ladies use their lash appointment as a time to relax.

The difference between department store lashes and application at your individual eyelashes salon?

Lash strips are very popular with makeup artists, including those who just want longer lashes for a special occasion. Strips usually only last a few days and are an inexpensive alternative to lashes applied individually. If you happen to get your lashes done at a nail salon, ask the person providing service what type of lashes will be used.  A lot of people accidentally hear the term eyelash extensions, and mistakenly get the wrong product.

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