Lash Bars: How to Choose

Is it time to pick a lash bar in Chicago? We are a dedicated personal eyelash extension bar and  lash salon located right here on the city’s North Side. And now we’ve expanded to the North Shore in Skokie Illinois where we will take your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary! Our professional grade, top quality eyelash extensions will do for you what makeup never could by giving you that dusky and fabulous look that everyone is looking for.

Lash Bar Chicago, IL

All of our professional stylists are fully licensed estheticians with years of experience. Our goal is to extend to you the highest quality lash extension service available to give you a more beautiful and glamorous look than you could get anywhere else. We offer the finest Mink as well as Synthetic lashes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from. You can even buy 100% siberian mink lashes online if you can’t make it in for individual lashes.
Our services include:

Our lash extension method is specially designed to bond extension lashes to your natural eyelashes.

Why Choose a Lash Bar like Chicago Lashes?

Lash extensions are a powerful way to intensify your natural beauty: improve eye contact, enhance appearance, plus raise your self-confidence. Chicago Lashes is dedicated to providing you with superior service as well as the finest products- ensuring that you get the very best in luxury service, technique, and design from an experienced lash artist with advanced training who is passionate about the craft. We use only top quality lash extensions and the most advanced adhesives. At Chicago Lashes, you receive very high quality. Remember, if offer a variety styles, including Cherry colored lashes.

Our boutique like salon has been featured on the Dr. Phil Show as a leading lash bar in the greater Chicago area. See our media page to learn more.

How will I know what look to choose?
Your Chicago Lashes professional will guide you through a thorough consultation prior to applying your custom eyelash extensions. This consultation will determine how to achieve your desired look, even if you’re not sure what that look is when you come in. If you wish to make any adjustments, you may advise your lash artist of any requests at any time before or during your appointment.

What type of lashes does Chicago Lashes use?

We offer a very wide selection of different lash thickness, lengths, and curl shapes. Having access to such a wide selection ensures you’ll receive the optimal look for your eyes.

Our selection includes:

  •  Synthetic minks.
  •  Real mink and sable lashes (cruelty-free)

Each lash is painstakingly sterilized and assembled by hand to ensure the finest quality and strength.

Why Choose your Chicago Eyelash Extensions Salon?

Look Younger!
Studies show that women who wear lash extensions appear younger. Lash extensions will make your face appear to be fuller and simply seem to turn back the clock on age. It is a trick that Hollywood makeup artists have been using for decades to make actresses appear younger when their roles call for it.

False Lashes Improve your Confidence.
When you wear these extensions, they will naturally draw positive attention to you. This will definitely make you feel more self-confident, and that confidence is what really makes you shine.

Fake Lashes Require Wearing Way Less Makeup.
Tired of putting on eye makeup day after day in an endless effort to change the shape of your eyes? Every day, women everywhere spend massive amounts of time trying to give their eyes that perfect look every single morning. With eyelash extensions, your days persevering in front of the mirror are over! Extensions will naturally make your eyes more beautiful. You will not need a lash lengthener or have to try to hide short lashes beneath a layer of makeup. Chicago Lashes lash extensions will do the job for you. These extensions are so beautiful that you may not need to wear any eye makeup at all, and still be stunning.

Our extensions last for between 4 and 8 weeks before they need refreshing. The touch-up process is simple and will ensure the lashes will last longer and look just as good as they did when first applied.

Our Extended lashes will endure for 4 weeks to 2 months, and we recommend a touch up once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Call now, or visit our website to make an appointment, or visit one of our locations and change the way you curate your personal beauty forever! While there are many lash bars in Chicago, we suggest checking out our lash lounge near north shore Skokie. Our lash bar is serving Skokie, Northbrook, Schaumburg, South Loop, Lincoln Park, downtown Chicago, IL.