Lash Care, by Chicago LashesSo,  now that you’ve made the fabulous choice to get longer lashes, you will definitely want some lash care tips. Individually applied lashes should be treated with gentle care, so that your extensions can last as long as possible.

Use Less Mascara on Your Lashes

Semi Permanent eyelashes reduce the need to wear a lot of mascara. Although lash extensions are very durable, the adhesive used to bond each lash should be carefully protected. A great deal of eye makeup remover contains an oil based substance, which can damage the bond that holds together your lashes. The upward movement of a lash wand can eventually yank the extension.  Eye shadow is totally okay.  We recommend reducing as much friction as possible to extend the life of your lashes.

Try not to pull on the lashes

Excessive pulling on the lashes will compromise the lash adhesive. New comers to the eyelash extensions phenomenon often feel the urge to pluck on their lashes because they feel different near the eyes. For the first 24 hours, tie a string around your index finger as a reminder to not rub them.  Lash extensions are strong, but they are not meant to withstand excessive picking.

Will water ruin my lashes?

Water won’t destroy the lashes but we do have some special lash care tips. If possible, try not to get the region around your lashes wet for the first two hours. For first 48 hours, use cool water to wash your face. After 2 days, it’s fine to swim at the pool or go to the beach.

Ask about Eyelash Sealer

Lash sealer is a special coat that can be softly brushed on your lashes. The sealer forms an invisible wall between your lashes and the atmosphere’s natural elements.

Follow these lash care tips to help your eyelash extensions last longer.