Nail Salons Eyelash Extensions Chicago, IL

Have you been looking around to find nail salons for eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL? You might be surprised that there is a huge difference between lash extensions applied at nail salons, and semi-permanent eyelash extensions offered at boutiques.

How are eyelash extensions different at your nail salon for eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL?

At Chicago Lashes, we use  only semi-permanent lashes, which are applied one lash at a time. These are not the chunky stick on lashes you see at nail salons.  Individual lash extensions are the preferred method because the lashes last about 2 months. The appointment can last around 1.5 hours, with incredible results. These lashes are super lightweight, which brings about a totally natural look.

Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes are well known for being extended through the semi-permanent technique. With Chicago Lashes, our highly trained cosmetologists, as well as estheticians have had extensive training for applying false eyelashes. The lash adhesive, along with the method we use is completely different from local salons for eyelash extensions in Chicago. Below is a photo of high quality individual lashes with before/after results.

applying individual ayelashes
Temporary lash strips

What kind of eyelash extensions are applied at most local Chicago Nail Salons?

Eyelash extensions sold at most Chicago area nail salons use what’s known as lash flares. These are essentially eyelash strips, such as Ardell, that can be purchased at any cosmetic store. They look decent but only last 1-3 days. A great deal of “nail salons that do eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL” lack the expertise, as well as training to do lashes. Lash extension flares tend to fall off in chunks a few days after application.

Another complaint about this method is that they give an unnatural baby doll appearance. Several nail salons charge about $25.00 for the treatment which is a bit expensive when you can do this yourself. This is why it only takes about 20 minuets to complete at area malls or nail salons.

Most nail salons are unaware that you must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to do eyelash extensions, according to the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. A great deal of consumers are attracted to the cheap prices offered at nail salons but walk away disappointed with the quality of work. There is also a danger of untrained nail salon techs damaging your natural eyelashes, bringing about bald patches.

Chicago Lashes encourages you to be educated when searching local nail salons in Chicago for eyelash extensions. We will always provide our customers with the best quality, semi-permanent lashes.  Contact Chicago Lashes eyelash extension salon today to schedule an appointment at 773-225-7316.