How to Make a Man Jealous with your Eyes

Chicago Lashes thought wondered if eyelash extensions could help make him full of envy. Is your man not giving you the attention you deserve? Is he giving other girls far too much of his time? Or do you just have a flirty side that needs to be let loose every now and then? Be warned, the following information is like playing with fire, but if you’re not afraid of a little danger then you have two inbuilt weapons guaranteed to wreak havoc on the ‘less fair sex’. But like any weapon, once the safety is off the results can get out of hand. I’m talking about the eyes and every man knows and fears their power. Volume eyelash extensions can be the perfect solution to accomplishing your goal.

Setting the scene

So you want to make your man jealous? First, you have to set the scene, and your eyes play a big part in this. Since your eyes are the way you connect with him, you need to learn how to disconnect. Start spending more time looking into the distance, both obviously (like looking out of a window) and on a more subtle level (gazing into space). Soon enough he will start wondering what you’re thinking about. When he asks, tell him it’s nothing (and add a cheeky inward smile for added power). Spend a lot of time looking at your phone too; he will start connecting the dots and it will make him very uncomfortable. Then, when you see your friends, especially male friends, give them lots of eye contact and attention; it will bother him. For the piece de resistance, stare into space when he kisses you; then he will know your mind is elsewhere – just ask Bruno Mars.

Bring in the changes

Next, start making changes to your physical appearance. Dress more sexy, drastically change the color and/or style of your hair (if he really isn’t paying attention he might not notice a trim). Book in to a professional salon for some natural looking lash extensions too. Not only will this add to your man’s unease, it will set you up for the third and most deadly stage!

Flaunt it, baby!

The big night out is where it all comes together. Before you hit the clubs and bars, prime your weapons by creating a subtle but striking effect. Smokey eyes are deeply alluring and can be achieved with a black eyeliner and some subtle grey shading with eyeshadow.

When you’re out with your man, make it your mission to engage with attractive guys. When they talk, keep your eyes locked on theirs, widening them when he makes an interesting point. That signals keen interest and it will kill your man. When your man talks to you, ensure your eyes linger for a moment longer with the other guy you’re talking to before looking at him. You can add even more insult by giving him dead eyes – that tactic needs no explaining.

The aftermath

Creating the jealousy is the easy part; it’s what happens afterwards that needs handling with care. It is likely your man will feel a mixture of anger, pain, frustration and arousal. Yes, you read it right. There is nothing like another guy’s attention to remind a man of all the qualities he saw in you from the start – and to give him the motivation to win back his prize.

If you think he’s learned his lesson, you can give him what he craves and he will be eating from your hand – at least until the next time. Or, if you have actually decided you would have more fun without him, you have taken a big first step towards the destruction of your relationship. Come and see our professional makeup artist and get the eyelash extensions to make him go crazy.