Mink Lashes Myths

Real Mink Lashes have become an increasingly popular request for women wanting semi-permanent eyelash extensions. In fact, just the word alone can encourage one to think that mink is the very best available. From red cherry lashes sold online to Ardell Lashes, the lash craze is here to stay.

100% Real Mink LashesMyth 1: Real Mink Lashes are the best eyelash extensions available

This is a widely held myth among consumers – because the industry has pushed the term mink as being the highest quality. Why is this myth so popular? Companies will try to have you believe that mink eyelash extensions look the most real because animals are used. This does not mean necessarily better.

We rarely use real mink Siberian lashes on clients because they are too thin to create the dark mascara look so many women want to achieve. A less expensive and more durable alternative is to purchase synthetic mink. A trained technician will be able to help you understand the differences.

Myth 2: Mink Lashes are the longest lasting eyelash extensions

This is simply not true. Determining how long eyelash extensions will last depends upon a variety of factors. If the specialist uses good quality adhesive and utilizes proper technique, then virtually all individual eyelash extensions will stay on until the natural lash grows out.

All body hair sheds every 60 to 90 days, including your lashes.  This is the natural cycle of how human hair grows.  If you find that your lashes are falling out prematurely, then it’s probably due to poor quality glue. Eyelash Extensions should never be applied directly on the eyelid. This can cause irritation, as well as redness. If lash extensions have been placed directly onto the skin, they need to be removed.

Myth 3: Mink Lashes are the longest eyelashes available

This is another example of hearsay on the beauty scene. There are a great deal lengths available from dozens of companies. For example, the shortest lashes start at 6mm and can go as long as 18mm. The cat eye look is created by placing longer lashes on the corners of the eyes.

At Chicago Lashes, we believe that women should be able to make an informed choice when choosing mink lashes or any type of eyelash extensions.