Nail Salon False Eyelashes: How Bad Are They?

A swarm of nail salons are now offering false eyelash extensions in Chicago, IL these days. Our lash bar has received dozens of complaints from customers who thought they we were purchasing individual eye lash extensions. This post is to help consumers not get fooled. A nail salon that does lashes should be upfront about their eyelash services.

How do most nail salons apply false eyelash extensions?

The majority of nail salon techs are not legally qualified to apply false eyelashes. A lot of nail places are doing lashes, hoping not to get caught by the regulations board. They have simply not been trained to work around the eyes with a pharmaceutical grade adhesive. Learning “how to do eyelash extensions” from a DVD or You Tube video just isn’t the same as proper hands on training.

Who can apply eyelash extensions?

An Illinois Board of Cosmetology licensed person with the following concentrations: aesthetics or cosmetologist. Any other is simply breaking the law. Wouldn’t you want someone who has had serious clinical training working near your eyes?

What about Tanning Salons that do false eyelashes?

A tanning salon worker can only put lashes on you if the above requirements are met. An eyelash extensions certification training certificate is not at all the same as an actual license.

Why do nail salons charge cheap eyelash extensions prices?

 Individual Eyelash Extensions-Chicago LashesQuite simply, most are not applying individual eyelashes. Many women get lured into buying the lashes because of the low costs. Some of these nail shops are even putting cheap lash strips on their clients. There is a difference between flare lashes and semi-permanent eyelashes. Lashes flares are placed unto the corners. They can look nice but should not be mistaken for the real thing.

How are real eyelash extensions applied?

Eyelash extensions applied lash by lash usually involve having 65 to 100 individual lashes per eye.  This is why it can take up to 2 hours for an appointment. Our team members do no rush. We want your lashes to last. We have had to perform several emergency removals because some unscrupulous nail salon owners offered eye lash extension services with no formal education.

False eyelash extensions can be a great compliment to your eyes when applied correctly. If you have had bad lashes applied, please call us for a removal. Whether you come to Chicago Lashes or go to a nail salon, make sure the technician is licensed.